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Online fundraising allows organizers to reach out to a wider audience of potential donors, but the one downside of most websites which allow you to raise money online is that they keep a portion of your donations. The typical rate charged by most online fundraising websites is five to 10 percent of your total donations; in some instances, you’ll also need to host a fully funded campaign in order to receive any of the money that was pledged by donors. is different from most similar websites because they understand the basics of how to fundraise. After all, you wouldn’t be hosting an online charity campaign if you had money to burn, so why should you give someone else a large portion of your donations? Ten percent may not seem like a large portion, but if you have a large goal, such as $10,000, the fees can really add up. In this example, when you hit your fundraising goal of $10,000, a website that charges a ten percent fee will retain $1,000 of those donations. There is so much good that you could do for your charity with that $1,000, or you could even use it for administrative expenses, such as buying a new computer and paying your staff.

Ensuring that enough people donate online for you to hit your fundraising goal is hard work, and it doesn’t make sense to give away so much of the money that you raise to a company that provides little more than an online platform for your fundraiser. has a different approach to helping individuals and organizations raise money online; rather than imposing a percentage fee, collects a monthly fee of $9. Using the above example, let’s project that it will take you three months to hit your goal. Rather than pay $1,000 to maintain an online fundraising presence, you’ll only pay $27. The savings is staggering, and it will allow you to hit your goals faster and with less effort.

Another thing that sets apart is the tools they offer to each of their users. If you’re new to the world of online charity fundraisers’s tools will help you learn how to fundraise effectively. makes it easy for you to spread the word about your fundraiser via social networking sites, and this is a proven approach that will help you increase awareness about your cause. Letting potential donors know that they can donate online is an essential component of fundraising, as most people prefer to make donations with a credit card.’s Internet tools will ensure that you have you everything you need to quickly and easily spread the word about your fundraiser.

Keeping 100 percent of your donations is the best way to reduce the time and effort that goes into hosting a successful fundraising campaign. At only $9 a month, will dramatically reduce your fundraising fees, while also providing you with the necessary tools to spread the word about your campaign. Keep the money where it belongs, with the fundraiser, by signing up with today.

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