Leukemia Fundraising Success – Christopher Phillips

Leukemia Fundraising Success

Christopher Phillips Leukemia Fundraiser

Even the very best health insurance policy is typically not nearly adequate enough to help people meet all of their expenses when they are diagnosed with a serious medical condition such as leukemia. To help bridge this divide, DonationTo makes it possible for you to accept donations online. Our service enables donors to contribute 24/7 from any web-enabled device via WePay or PayPal, and you will have immediate access to their donations. Our platform also offers unlimited photo uploads so that you can more effectively share the story of your leukemia fundraising campaign.

The Christoper Phillips Leukemia Fund

Christopher Phillips has been battling leukemia since November 4, 2015. The husband, father and Michigan resident has acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). This form of cancer is more common in children, but Christopher’s diagnosis as an adult ALL patient is by no means rare.

The annual cost of just one of Christopher’s much-needed medications is an astounding $105,000, and the family is responsible for part of this cost. Christopher is also racking up a minimum of $150 weekly in doctor visit co-pays, which is an expense that is further exacerbated by necessary tests and hospitalization time.

To help Christopher and his wife deal with the financial aspects of ALL, they have launched a leukemia fundraising page via DonationTo. To date, their efforts have accumulated almost $9,000, but they are hoping to reach $50,000 to make it possible to cover their medical expenses during this difficult time. More than 120 people have already stepped up to the plate with a donation, and the fundraiser will continue throughout most of the year to help the Phillips family meet their goal.

Donations and Comments Go Hand in Hand

At DonationTo, we understand that money fulfills only one essential need during a medical emergency. A long-term battle with a potentially deadly illness is also emotionally draining. Studies have shown that people who have access to a strong support system are more likely to survive cancer, so we have added a comments section to each crowdfunding page to provide people with an outlet for posting some kind words.

Rocky Marx is one of the many contributors who has utilized the comments section on Christopher’s page. Rocky donated $350, and he also provided some emotional comfort through his words:

“Chris, I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery from this disease. Glad to be of some assistance.

Christopher’s main hobby is producing new strains of hot peppers. This has connected Christopher with an extended network of fellow hobbyists throughout the world, and some of them have been very generous during his time of need. A prime example is the $250 online donation from Philipp Haecki that was accompanied by a nice comment:

“Dear Christopher Philips, I am a medium heat level pepper lover from Switzerland, and a member of the forum Hot Pain. I’ve read about your problem, and I want to help.”

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Facts

The people at the highest risk of developing ALL are under the age of five. However, anyone can develop ALL, and your odds of contracting this form of leukemia will begin to spike back up after you turn 50. ALL is most commonly associated with children, but approximately 40 percent of the patients who are currently battling this form of cancer are adults.

Young children with ALL have a high five-year survival rate. Unfortunately, the same is not true of adults. In fact, adults account for approximately 80 percent of ALL deaths. There are an average of 6,250 new cases of this relatively rare form of leukemia diagnosed in the U.S. each year, and the split between men and women is almost 50-50. Despite this gender ratio, men are more likely to pass away ALL than women. Caucasian individuals are also at a slightly higher risk than other ethnic groups.

As many as 90 percent of adults will go through at least one remission period, which can extend their life past the five-year mark. Unfortunately, the relapse rate is high. Only 40 percent of adult ALL patients will ultimately be cured of the illness.


Christopher’s battle with leukemia is physically taxing, and it also requires a large financial commitment. To help him pay for these expenses, the Phillips family is utilizing DonationTo’s leukemia crowdfunding platform. Their page can be accessed from anywhere in the world for online giving, and Christopher’s supporters have already chipped in a combined $8,813.

Our donation website has many features that make it possible to connect with donors, including unlimited photo uploads and payment processing by PayPal and WePay. Additionally, you can tell your story via text and videos, and providing regular updates will increase donations.

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