Medical Crowdfunding – Stage V Kidney Failure

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Valorie saved over $1,900 in fees by using DonationTo paid accounts. This enabled her to keep 100% of all donations and avoid credit card fees!

No matter what type of medical issue someone is facing, they can utilize a donation website to make it easier to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. For example, DonationTo has hosted thousands of charity campaigns, and we provide an easy to use medical crowdfunding platform that does not require any special technical skills. Additionally, your supporters will have the ability to make an online donation 24/7 via any web enabled device.

We offer each of our users the opportunity to keep 100 percent of the money that they collect, and we also enable them to avoid paying for any additional credit card fees. In fact, our low fee crowdfunding structure makes it easy for people to save a lot of money. For example, the Support Valorie campaign was given the option to save more than $1,800. It is easy to understand why so many fundraisers opt to utilize this program when you consider how expensive medical treatment can be.

Support Valorie

Valorie became acquainted with the struggles of having a medical condition as a young child, but she has always taken pride in bouncing back from every issue and continuing to move forward with her life. Sadly, Valorie was diagnosed with Stage V kidney failure, and this means that the functionality of her kidneys is at 15 percent or less. Therefore, Valorie’s doctors have determined that she should undergo a kidney transplant surgery in order to give her the best chance of having a normal life.

After this problem was diagnosed, four family friends decided to create a medical crowdfunding campaign to help Valorie deal with all of her related expenses. This group had the ambitious goal of raising $25,000, and they were able to gather enough support to exceed this guideline by more than $5,500. This truly highlights the importance of using a donation website to help you spread the word about any charity. After all, if they had not made the decision to make it easy for supporters to contribute via an online donation, it is highly unlikely that they would have gathered so much money in such a short period of time.

Additional Perks of Fundraising Online

As previously mentioned, is easier to reach out to people online, but this is not the only perk that your campaign will receive. In fact, DonationTo will provide you with a comments feature that enables each donor to leave a few words of support along with their financial contribution. This can be an important resource for family members that need comfort during the most difficult days of Valorie’s struggle, and it has also been medically proven that having a strong support group will improve a patient’s odds of surviving a serious illness. Debra Newell recognized the value of leaving a comment to let Valorie know that she was in her thoughts:

“Val, I miss you already at AUMC Weekday Preschool! You are an inspiration to all that you meet. You show great courage and faith despite the painful and upsetting challenges that you face. You are a terrific teacher and friend. I am honored to support you.”

Susan Poindexter also made the decision to leave a comment. She touched on Valorie’s faith and the role that it can play in her recovery:

“Val and Mark are beautiful people who display what is best about following Christ. May God bless you, and your journey continues!”

Tips for Medical Fundraising

Raising money for a necessary medical treatment can often seem discouraging due to the large amount that needs to be collected. However, there are several ways that you can improve your odds of hosting a fully funded campaign. For example, we recommend running a medical fundraiser for at least one year to give people an opportunity to contribute as much as possible. Additionally, you need to be prepared for the fact it will take a while for word to spread. Due to this, you should send out email updates once a week, and it is important to utilize our social networking integration tool. Keep in mind that people will be impressed by your commitment to the cause, and this will encourage them to make a donation. You should also consider getting a personalized URL to make it easier for people to find your fundraising page.


Anyone who is dealing with a serious illness can definitely benefit from launching a medical crowdfunding campaign. After all, medical bills can be extremely cost prohibitive even for individuals with insurance, and it is also important to remember that there are several other related expenses that will need to be dealt with. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly common for people to turn to a donation website to help them collect contributions from people worldwide.

Our easy to use platform will allow a novice to launch a fundraising page within five minutes, and we will give you access to several resources such as our social networking integration tool to make it as easy as possible to spread the word. We will also enable you to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees, and you will be able to keep every penny that you raise by taking advantage of our low fee structure. In fact, the support Valorie campaign was given the opportunity to save more than $1,800, and this can make a major difference when someone is attempting to pay medical bills.

The medical crowdfunding with DonationTo is guided by our online donation website experts. Know how to crowd fund and cover the medical costs.

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