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When a loved one is experiencing a serious medical issue it is very difficult to deal with daily matters such as money. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to receive the necessary treatment, so coming up with a large amount of money quickly becomes imperative. In order to minimize the financial burden, many people have decided to raise money online via below you will find a review of success.


A example of the power of online fundraising is taking can be viewed at the Colton DonationTo page. Colton is a teenage boy who suffers from a rare tumor known referred to by the medical community as Synovial Sarcoma with Rhabdo Component. Although Colton’s mom’s employer is allowing her to work out of his hospital room, the family is still facing enormous medical expenses.

With little Internet experience, a family friend was moved to begin an online fundraising campaign. Rather spending months to hire someone to create a fundraising page, she created a fundraising page at She was unsure about how many people would donate online, so she did not set a goal. Instead, she left the fundraiser open with the hope of getting as many people as possible to donate online. In a very short period of time, the fundraiser received almost $2,400, and this is a great result in such little time.

The best part about using to raise money online is Colton’s family will receive 100 percent of the donations that are raised. Most online fundraising sites require people to enter a goal, and if the fundraiser fails to meet it, then none of the money is distributed. understands that not all fundraising ideas will be as successful as everyone would like, and they do not believe in penalizing people for failing to hit their goal. When it comes to medical fundraisers it is especially important to be able to collect as much money as possible. makes this a reality by paying out 100 percent of the money raised, regardless of the end number.

Colton’s fundraiser is still going strong. By providing updates, sending emails and making regular posts about the fundraiser on social networking sites, Colton’s supporters are ensuring that donations will continue to come in. With Colton’s medical issue it is important to raise as much money as possible, so the fundraiser will continue to exist for as long as it is necessary.

If you are looking for a good medical cause to support, please consider helping Colton and his family.  Every dollar pledged will help Colton and his family deal with his extremely unfortunate medical condition.

Medical fundraising is a good way to help people like Colton deal with the extraordinary expense that is associated with a serious illness. makes it easy for people to post medical fundraisers, and they also provide 100 percent of the money raised, regardless of if the goal number was met. Colton’s fundraiser has been successful so far, but additional funding will be necessary to help him continue to fight through the Synovial Sarcoma with Rhabdo Component. Want to help Colton, show your support at his DonationTo page visit here.

Medical crowdfunding comes as a lifesaver when speaking of additional and unexpected costs. But how can one know how to crowd fund without special skills? It is possible and real with our donation website.

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