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A review with another medical fundraising success!

Medical expenses are always a difficult to thing to deal with, and Theo Menswar’s current situation is a perfect example. Theo is a 14-year-old boy who is suffering from a rare blood disease called Myleodysplastic Syndrome. Due to this condition, he needs a bone marrow transplant. Although the transplant itself is being covered by his medical insurance, the family has had to put out approximately $40,000 in diagnosis costs and lost wages. Today they have raise approximately $3,000 by using! As we review and see success keep reading to see how much the Theo fund has raised!

Medical fundraising success by using


Theo’s father, Brant, turned to for assistance with the costs associated with his son’s illness. People are becoming used to online fundraising campaigns, so they provide a viable option for families that are struggling with medical bills. Brant did not have a background in fundraising, but DonationTo’s easy to use tools allowed him to post a fundraising page in just a couple of minutes. To date, over $1,700 dollars has already been collected. — Update approximately $3,000.00 — Update 2 —  $6,000.00!

Using to raise money online allows people like Brant to have an open-ended online fundraising campaign. Unlike most other fundraising websites, does not set any goal requirements. Whether you hit your goal or not, or even if you choose not to assign one, you will receive 100 percent of the money that is donated. Not only does recognize the importance of giving you every available dollar, but this also encourages people to donate online. Tell potential donors that you chose because 100% does in fact go to the cause.

Theo’s fundraiser is ongoing and people are continuing to donate online to his cause. The support of the online community is going to be an integral piece of the fundraising process. Fancy fundraising ideas are not the way to raise $40,000 for Theo’s family. Instead, those who would like to help should consider making a donation and spreading the word via their social networking pages.

Theo’s family needs the financial support of caring individuals around the world. Just like with any other major medical fundraiser, they will have a challenge to raise all of the necessary funds. You can learn more about Theo’s story by visiting

You do not have to know how to fundraise to use to receive assistance with a medical fundraiser. Theo’s campaign shows how easy it is to post a fundraiser and how quickly one can gain support. Thanks to, the family will receive 100 percent of the donations that are made, regardless of how much the final total is. If you are able to help a worthy cause, please consider making a donation today to Theo’s fund.

The successful crowdfunding is available with our donation website’s tips. To crowd fund for medical support follow suggestions and feeds.

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