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The Importance of Mobile Fundraising


One of the best ways to raise a lot of money for a worthy cause is by turning to a donation website to make it easier to collect online donations. However, simply launching a crowdfunding campaign online is not going to be enough to get the necessary information in front of a wide audience. Therefore, it is up to each host to spread the word about their efforts to crowdfund by taking full advantage of social media. For example, you can easily leverage your Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook accounts by posting the link to your crowdfunding page and asking your friends to share it with their extended network. This will expose a large group of people around the world to your campaign very quickly, and your odds of collecting enough money will greatly increase.

Addressing The Trend

Recognizing this problem is a crucial first step, but it is also vital to expand your reach by figuring out which newer social media sites are capturing a lot of attention. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have definitely siphoned off some of Facebook’s teenage crowd, but a lot of this audience is actually turning their attention to mobile apps. Therefore, discovering where users have started spending their time is a crucial aspect of ensuring that you are able to properly promote your cause online. In fact, sticking with Facebook and Twitter alone is guaranteed to make it much harder for you to hit your goal. Although diversifying across several social media networks to get your message out might seem cumbersome, it is actually relatively simple to maintain, and you will receive good enough results to make it worth your time investment.

A Guide to Understanding the Latest Social Networks

Due to the drop off in user numbers for well-established sites such as Facebook, each fundraiser needs to take the time to familiarize themselves with the latest social networks. After all, learning which sites are becoming super popular will help you promote your efforts more effectively, and it will also enable you to take advantage of each applicable fundraising app.

We understand that staying up-to-date on the latest social networking trends can be a daunting task for fundraisers, so we have decided to compile a list of four of the most critical mobile, smart phone apps, for you to utilizing during your online fundraising. Our guide will give you an introduction to each of these sites and how you can best leverage to them during your crowdfunding. Keep in mind that the best way to bring your crowdfunding dreams to life is to connect with as many people as possible on a regular basis. It is also vital to remember that many people need to be reminded about a worthy cause multiple times before they will actually take donation. Because of this, it is important to connect with your contacts via each site at least once or twice a week. Fortunately, this can be done by posting the link to your page, and you can also benefit from added exposure each time someone in your network shares the link. Now that you have a good understanding of the importance of diversifying your social media approach, we will highlight the newest and most popular sites and mobile apps for social fundraising.



WeChat is an up-and-coming social media site that is currently very popular in Asia.  This new way of connecting socially on any smart phone. Forbes recently published an analysis of social media trends, and they indicated that WeChat’s growth within the 16 to 19-year-old demographic shot up by an astounding 1,021 percent between the first and second quarters of 2013, and this is information that everyone who relies on social networking needs to pay attention to. Forbes tackled this trend along with the messaging platform’s lack of popularity in the U.S. in a recent article:

“Despite the huge growth in active users of WeChat, most teens in the U.S. and Western Europe still aren’t using it, though anecdotally, it is said to be popular among young people in Chinese communities. The real growth for the service is in China, where WeChat is based, and parts of South East Asia. The messaging app, which claims more than 250 million monthly active users, is owned by the Chinese Internet giant Tencent, which claims 800 million active users for its instant messing service for desktops. WeChat is the English-language version of the company’s original Chinese-language chat app, WeiShin.”

It is understandable that many global fundraisers will look at this information and determine that they will need to begin using WeChat. Consider for example the fact that many campaigns have universal appeal. For example, it is common for people to raise money online to assist areas that have been ravaged by a natural disaster. If you were to make the decision to skip over WeChat, you would miss out on the opportunity to connect with over 250 million active users. Additionally, it is important to recognize the fact that although their U.S. membership rate is low, this does not mean that no one from your local area is utilizing this chat app. In fact, the odds are high that WeChat will eventually become one of the prime mobile apps for crowdfunding, so it makes sense to begin using it now so that you can be comfortable enough to fully take advantage of it in the future.


According to a representative from WeChat, the company is currently targeting Mexico, Brazil and Italy, but they also have a U.S. office to help them break into the American teenage market. The company has utilized some very innovative ideas to capture attention in Asia, including enabling users to get discounted drinks at WeChat vending machines that have been set up in subway stations throughout Beijing. Experiments of this nature have definitely helped the company grow very quickly, and there is no reason to believe that they will not take an innovative approach to getting American teenagers on board. In other words, it is highly likely that WeChat will become a major social media presence in the U.S. during the next few years, and it can still help you meet your goals right now.

Crowdfunding site such as are are extremely exciting because WeChat will make it much easier to spread the word about your campaign via your smartphone. After all, one major complaint that hosts have is the fact that they feel like they spend a lot of time tethered to their computer in order to get the word out about their campaign. Using mobile apps for crowdfunding such as the WeChat messaging system will alleviate this issue and enable everyone to continue marketing their efforts to raise money online while they are on the go. For this reason alone, everyone who is attempting to collect online donations should strongly consider downloading this app to their phone or tablet.

Another perk of becoming an early adopter of this technology in the U.S. is that it will give you a good reputation for being on top of the latest technological trends. This can make a big difference when you are trying to convince a younger audience to contribute money to your campaign via a donation website. Therefore, signing up for a WeChat account should be one of the many steps that you take if you are truly committed to hitting your goal.



KakaoTalk is another very popular social mobile app. Using the Kakao app is ideal to share your fundraising page.  It is crucial to embrace every possible method for connecting with potential donors after you have made the decision to crowdfund. Due to this, it is definitely a good idea to consider signing up for a KakaoTalk account so that you can gather support from contributors in Korea and around the world. According to

“Kakao’s strategy is starting to pay off. The application has 130 million users.”

This is certainly just the beginning of this company’s social media reach, and 73 percent of Korean mobile users are estimated to have a KakaoTalk account. When you compare this to the fact that only 17 percent of mobile users in Korea access Facebook on a regular basis, it becomes easy to understand why this social media app is so imperative for anyone who wishes to crowdfund internationally. In fact, taking advantage of this fundraising app is clearly one of the best ways to get the word out about your campaign to a Korean audience.

KakaoTalk is the most popular and profitable messaging communication app in South Korea, and experts indicate that the company generated approximately $200 million in 2013. This is a major jump from the $42 million that was generated in 2012, and this helps highlight just how popular this social media platform has become. In order to avoid competition with other popular messaging apps such as Line and WeChat, KakaoTalk is now placing a major emphasis on expanding into the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. In other words, they could quickly become one of the most important crowdfunding apps for individuals living in one of these countries or attempting to reach an international audience.


Korea only has 50 million people, so the fact that this app currently has 130 million users is indicative of the company’s ability to reach out to people in other countries. However, a representative from KakaoTalk has stated that the company is not currently planning to spend a lot of marketing money to attract users in South America, the U.S. and Europe. This does not mean that users from these countries will not discover the app on their own, but it is important to consider your specific target audience if you are seriously pressed for time and cannot properly utilize all of the available social networking resources.

DonationTo has a proven history of working with fundraisers worldwide, and this makes it imperative for us to educate our users about all of the latest tools that can help them increase their online contributions. After all, relying on just one social networking site or app will eventually make your efforts become stagnant because you will not receive the benefits of reaching out to an extremely wide audience. With this in mind, everyone should capitalize on the opportunity to connect with people in the Korean market, especially if they are hosting a fundraiser that has international appeal.

In many cases, adding at least one specialized social media app into your marketing efforts will have a major impact on the total amount of money that you raise. For example, if your campaign is intended to assist people who have been impacted by a natural disaster in South Korea, it would not make any sense to ignore the power of utilizing KakaoTalk. Keep in mind that donations are likely to come in from around the world, but residents of the same country who were not affected by the situation are much more likely to seek out ways to help others in need. Therefore, you should definitely look into every resource available to help you spread the word about your campaign so that you can achieve the most positive impact for a worthy cause.



Line, which is owned and operated by Naver, is another social media messaging app that is currently soaring in popularity throughout Japan and Asia. In fact, the creator of this company has recently been dubbed as one of Korea’s newest billionaires, and the value of Line’s stock continues to rise. According to Forbes,

“The pace of growth has been impressive. In the six months from February 2013 through July, Naver added another 100 million users, and then another 100 million by late November. According to the company, Line broke the 300 million download mark on Nov. 26. Park Jae-seok, an analyst at Korean brokerage Samsung Securities, predicted in a recent report that Line will generate over 50 percent of Naver’s revenue in five years. “There will be 500 million to 600 million more people using the app at the end of next year,” he said.”

With numbers like these, it is no wonder that using Line has become a great way to raise awareness of fundraisers. Again, it is important to recognize the fact that supporters can be found worldwide, so you should never solely focus your efforts on connecting with people in a single country. In the case of using DonationTo you get your own URL to share you cause with anyone. By using Line to share you cause you can further your reach to get support globally.

Additionally, anyone who has a fundraiser that is based out of Japan or Asia can definitely increase the visibility of their project by harnessing the power of their Line social network. Even if you have never used this messaging app before, it is still a good idea to get on board now so that you can begin building a strong enough network to assist you with your goal.


Some of our users have questioned whether or not spending so much time reaching out to various social media networks is truly the best way to increase donations. In our experience, failing to fully capitalize on every available social media site and messaging app will dramatically reduce the amount of money that you raise. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to take at least a few minutes each day to promote their campaigns via social media platforms such as Line. After all, it is not necessary to create a new post on each social media page every day, so if you focus on one network at a time, you should be able to reach out to everyone once a week.

Line is a particularly interesting social media network because it was able to achieve its first 100 million users in only 19 months. Comparatively, Facebook took 54 months before it hit this important milestone. This definitely highlights the popularity of Line, and it also seems to indicate that this messaging app has the potential to become an international success story. Although no specific target countries have been mentioned by company representatives, it has been made clear during media interviews that Line will be headed to several global markets in the future. This definitely greatly increases the appeal of this fundraising app, and anyone who wants to reach out to a diverse audience should set up an account right away.

Ultimately, the success of each social networking site and messaging application worldwide will have an impact on your ability to raise money online. After all, connecting with online supporters is definitely the best way to generate donations and raise awareness of your cause. Due to this, it is very important to pay close attention to each up-and-coming site so that you do not fail to properly utilize all of your available options. For example, failing to reach out via Line for a fundraiser that is primarily based in Japan is akin to voluntarily giving up the ability to receive support from 300 million people. Obviously it is not possible for any campaign to connect with each member of a social media site, but you should still set your sights high because even a fraction of a percent of these users could enable you to meet your goal very quickly. With all of this in mind, it simply makes good sense to add Line to your overall marketing strategy for your fundraiser.



WhatsApp is arguably one of the biggest threats to Facebook because the mobile messaging service is based out of the U.S. and has already amassed a very large membership base of users from around the world. According to Forbes,

“WhatsApp, the mobile messaging service that sends free texts, photos, videos and audio messages, now has more than 400 million people using the service on a monthly basis, the startup revealed Thursday. That’s a rapid escalation from the 350 million active users it announced in October and easily makes it the largest, cross-platform mobile messaging service in the world.”

It makes sense that WhatsApp and other similar apps are becoming so popular when you consider the fact that many people do the majority of their social networking via a smartphone. After all, using a messaging app allows you to connect with your network of friends much more easily than logging into Facebook. Although it still remains to be seen whether or not WhatsApp can trump the 1.2 billion active users that use Facebook each month, it is easy to predict that this app will continue to pull people away from the Facebook platform. It is also intriguing to note that approximately 48 billion messages are being sent and received via WhatsApp every day. Therefore, this is definitely a messaging app that every fundraiser should be aware of. As an added bonus, using a mobile messaging app will enable you to easily connect with supporters on the go.

WhatsApp is definitely taking an unusual approach toward operating a business. For example, most other social networking sites and mobile messaging platforms offer some form of content that can be purchased such as games or digital stickers. However, the team behind WhatsApp made the decision to eschew all of these revenue generators in favor of a very simplistic business model that relies on charging users $1 a year after their first initial free year comes to an end. In other words, this California-based company has the potential to collect $400 million per year at this point by getting all of their current users locked in. Although many people are hesitant to pay for social networking, the odds are high that many users will be so hooked after the first year that they will look at the $1 fee as a worthwhile investment.


It is understandable that people who are attempting to raise money online will look for social networking opportunities that are free. However, trying WhatsApp for your next campaign will not cost you anything, and you will most likely get a large enough quantity of donations to justify paying the annual fee in the future. With the current upward trend, it is easy to predict that WhatsApp will become one of the main crowdfunding apps of choice. Due to this, it is vital for every fundraiser to carefully consider downloading the app and setting up a user account immediately. This mobile messaging platform is especially beneficial for campaigns that are based out of the U.S., but WhatsApp also already has more of a global reach than WeChat, KakaoTalk and Line. In other words, if you are hesitant to begin using all of these apps, you should definitely choose WhatsApp first to help you get a firm grasp on the importance of branching out. After all, anyone who sticks exclusively with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus is going to miss out on millions of potential donors.

It is interesting to note that WhatsApp is also being used in India by the medical field to send photographic results of ECG tests as a method of saving lives. This truly highlights the power of this messaging system, and it also indicates the level of quality that is preserved when members share photographs. This should be of particular interest to fundraisers because it is often much easier to generate donations by using photographs that help call attention to a worthy cause. Additionally, it is always a good idea to utilize a social networking tool that offers diversity via the ability to instantly reach out to people around the world.

The results that you get from each campaign will be directly related to the type of Internet marketing that you do to capture the attention of potential donors. In other words, spreading the word via as many social networking sites and apps as possible is the absolute best way to get the positive results that you are hoping for. This is the main reason that DonationTo encourages each of our users to maximize their donation possibilities by taking advantage of all of the main social media sites and incorporating up-and-coming messaging apps into their marketing campaign.

Although Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are the most popular social networks, you should also branch out by following the same approach via LinkedIn. After all, your LinkedIn network will connect you with a professional audience, and this could lead to corporate level online donations. For example, sharing the link to your donation website via LinkedIn will enable people who have high level corporate connections to learn about your cause. In most cases, someone in your network is going to have a personal connection to the specific medical issue or other cause that you are raising money for, and this is likely to inspire them to ask their employer to consider making a substantial contribution. This will help everyone involved because your campaign will receive much-needed funding, and the business that donates will receive a good PR opportunity and a tax deduction.

The Decline of Facebook and How it Impacts Your Campaign

It is important to note that social media giant Facebook is currently dealing with a 17 percent drop in teenage users. This might not seem like a major issue for individuals who are interested in fundraising, but it would be unwise to believe that this downward trend is not going to begin impacting older generations in the near future. In other words, anyone who makes the decision to stick with Facebook and Twitter alone is definitely going to miss out on the opportunity to maximize the amount of money that they raise. Consider for instance how many people in your own social network have stopped logging into Facebook on a regular basis. This prevents them from being up-to-date on each of your posts, so you need to look for alternative methods to reach out to your entire network of friends, family and coworkers to help you receive enough support to have a fully funded campaign.


Raising money online is much easier than using old methods such as going door-to-door or hosting a special event. However, it is important to realize that you cannot simply rely on Facebook to help you generate a large enough group of supporters. Due to this, it is common for most fundraisers to branch out by using Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Although this is definitely a better approach than sticking with just one site, it is actually much more beneficial to also include mobile apps for crowdfunding such as Line, WhatsApp, WeChat and KakaoTalk. After all, this will help you connect with a much larger audience, and it will enable you to target specific areas such as Japan and South Korea.

DonationTo has compiled this list of notable up-and-coming mobile messaging apps to make it much easier for each of our users to understand which social networking tools are likely to be the most beneficial for their campaigns. Make sure that you encourage each member of your extended social media network to share information about your campaign. After all, getting people to repost the information on Facebook and forward it to their friends on WhatsApp will generate a lot more awareness of your cause, and this can help ensure that you will meet your goal.

No matter which messaging apps and social media sites you decide to utilize, DonationTo will help you make the most out of each contribution. Each of your contributors will have the opportunity to make a donation 24/7 via any web enabled device, and we will enable you to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees. Additionally, we will give you the ability to keep 100 percent of the money that you raise, and this is definitely the best way to reach your goal quickly.

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