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At we know a crucial aspect of every online fundraising campaign is networking, both the old fashioned way and via social networking websites. Networking allows you to work smarter instead of harder, because it causes other people to advertise your efforts for you. People who teach others how to fundraise will always mention the importance of networking, along with the impact that having your fundraiser go viral will have on the total number of contributions.

Networking for better fundraising

Anytime someone contributes to your fundraiser, whether they donate online or in person, you should contact them. It is important to say thank you, and it is equally important to ask them for referrals. If they are really passionate about your cause, then they’ll be happy to help you raise money online by connecting you with like-minded individuals. Once you get the referrals, make sure that you reach out to them immediately.

Don’t forget the thrill of competition when you’re working on fundraising ideas. If one local area business contributes, others will want to do the same thing so that they look good in front of their customers. Reach out to local businesses until you find one that supports your fundraising ideas, and then visit all of their competitors to increase the threshold of possible donations.

Local schools and universities will sometimes team up with an online fundraising campaign, and just with local businesses, if you can get one school to sign up then you can usually get multiple schools to sign up. It is human nature to want to appear charitable to others, and this becomes more important to highly visible organizations and businesses. You can also approach colleges about promoting your fundraiser to their students. Most college age individuals are tech savvy, and being able to donate online will greatly increase your odds of receiving contributions.

When it’s time to raise money online, you should also turn to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. With a couple of clicks you can inform a wide audience about your fundraising efforts, and your likelihood of having a fully funded campaign will increase each time a follower clicks the share button. And now that allows anyone to keep 100% of all donations collected it is that much easier to hit your goals!

Networking is a vital piece of any fundraising effort, and those who help others learn how to fundraise will justifiably put a big emphasis on it. Reach out to local businesses and schools, and don’t forget to ask previous donors for referrals. Allowing people and organizations to donate online via will also have a big impact on the total amount of money that you raise. Most people prefer to donate with a credit card, and provides a secured site for collecting donations.

Networking is a valuable strategy when crowdfunding. To learn many other ideas and crowd fund fruitfully, subscribe to

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