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For more fundraising tips Follow @donationto like us Facebook or plus us Google Plus has made a firm commitment to ensuring all of their functionality works seamlessly on computers and all mobile devices. We have stayed on the cutting edge of technology since we started, and this forward thinking approach is exactly what is required when are trying to get a large quantity of people to donate online. Consider the possibilities of having a donation site which is fully optimized for mobile and tablet users; instead of hoping that potential donors remember about your cause when they get home, they can simply donate online from wherever they are when they first hear about it. This is a very powerful technique for those who are attempting to raise money online, as most people will only donate online if it’s easy and quick to do so. the fast way to raise money online!

Still having question about how important mobile and tablets devices are to fundraising? Look at some of this data… As of January, for example, Apple had sold over 37 million iPhones, along with 15 million iPads, in one sales quarter alone. These numbers are staggering, and point to the absolute necessity of ensuring that your online fundraising campaign is optimized for a mobile audience. Regardless of the goal of your fundraiser, if you want to raise money online it is imperative to consider the mobile market.

Even though most people have made enough of an adjustment to consider mobile cell phone users when designing a website, many of these same people are making the mistake of ignoring the iPad and the overall tablet industry. Selling 15 million iPads in one quarter speaks volumes to the growing popularity of the tablet format, and failing to optimize your online fundraising campaign to capture tablet users is an error that you can’t afford to make. If your group isn’t currently considering both mobile and tablet users then you definitely need to have a discussion about how to fundraise more efficiently.
You should make sure that you include a discussion about mobile and tablet donors while you’re brainstorming for your next set of fundraising ideas. Providing content that is optimized for mobile and tablet users will take the guesswork out of how to fundraise successfully. This is especially true if you’re attempting to reach the youth market, but keep in mind that most individuals, regardless of age, now own at least a mobile phone. As the technology continues to grow it will become even more imperative to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, and can help you host fundraisers that will make your organization stand out from others.
No matter what fundraising ideas your group comes up with, ensures your online donation site is properly equipped to work on mobile devices, including iPads and other tablets. If you’re not sure how to do this, hosting your fundraiser on will make the process seamless for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect donations from the over 52 million people who have just purchased an iPhone or an iPad in a single quarter!
To benefit from mobile crowdfunding and receive 100% donations via our donation website, create your own page for your particular cause and learn how to crowd fund with our experts.

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