Online Charity 3 Steps To Stay Connected With Supporters

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Whether you’ve just launched a new online fundraising campaign, or if you’re simply in the process of using the funds from the last one, it is imperative to reach out to previous supporters on a regular basis. Those who have contributed in the past have proven that they have an interest in your fundraising ideas, and they are an extremely viable resource for obtaining future donations. At we make it easy to create your own fundraising page yet, its up to you to ensure you keep in contact with supporters to ensure I well funded campaign. Below we have mapped out 3 steps to keep you well connected with supporters.

Fundraise better by staying in contact with supporters

Step 1:
Keep in mind that regular communication is the best way to encourage people to donate online. This doesn’t mean that you should wait to reach out to previous donors until you have a new fundraiser, however. Keeping in touch throughout the process, and even during the times when nothing is going on, will make your supporters feel confident that you are dedicated to the cause and that you’ll be supporting it for a long time to come.

Step 2:
It is of course imperative to reach out to previous donors the next time that you need to raise money online, but sending out status reports from previous fundraisers is just as important. Instead of asking for money every time you communicate, your supporters will appreciate it if you keep them in the loop about how you use the funds that were raised during the last fundraiser. For example, if you raised funds to build a home for an impoverished family, you should send pictures of the house being built, along with possibly a thank you note written from one of the members of the family. This type of communication will keep you in your supporters’ minds, and will also allow them to feel good about their previous contributions.

Step 3:
Make sure that you reach out to previous donors on a regular basis. You don’t want to flood their email inbox, as this will likely be seen as an irritant, but you also don’t want to let six months pass in between your messages. Pick a number that you can stick to when you’re not actively fundraising, such as once per month, and be consistent about getting emails, calls or newsletters out on in a timely manner.

By following up with your previous supporters, you’ll keep the lines of communication open and you’ll also ensure that your charity stays in the forefront of their mind. In addition to this vital fundraising strategy, can teach you more about how to fundraise for success. Our secured online fundraising platform will allow you to get your next fundraiser in front of a wide audience, and 100 percent of the funds raised will be made available to you immediately.

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