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Owning a pet is an emotionally rewarding experience, but the cost can be very prohibitive if your life circumstances change. Studies show that the typical monthly cost of having a pet is approximately $100, and this can become much more expensive for pets that have special needs. A loving and responsible pet owner can still find themselves buried underneath the cost of their pet if they lose their job. Rather than give away a cherished member of the family, many people are now looking to online fundraising as a way to get through a temporary setback.

Fundraising is a perfect way of raising money to  help saving an animal’s life (photo provided by

In addition to the typical monthly needs of a pet, some animals will develop life-threatening illnesses or become seriously injured. Even those who are receiving a steady paycheck can become overwhelmed by huge veterinarian bills. Surgeries for pets are not cheap, and they can cost over $1,000. This is in addition to the typical vet fees and any necessary medication.

The reality is that most people in today’s economy are not able to come up with that amount of money quickly enough to save their pet’s life. Rather than face the emotional turmoil of allowing their pet to die, many pet owners are attempting to raise money online via online fundraising platforms such as Even those who do not really know a lot about how to fundraise are able to get started thanks to’s user friendly tools.

Once the fundraising page has been built, it is vital to get the information in front of a big audience. Social networking is the absolute best way to achieve this goal. Once animal lovers learn about the situation, they will be happy to either donate online or to share the link to your fundraiser. Either step helps you to raise money online. One of the best fundraising ideas for an online campaign about an animal is to spread the word on any animal lover social networking pages that you are a part of. Make sure to emphasize that they can donate online, and be sure to listen to any fundraising ideas that animal rescue networks share with you.

Other animal lovers have successfully used in the past to raise funds to help needy animals. For example, a woman with a soft spot for animals used to raise enough money to rescue a dog from her neglectful neighbor. Instead of leaving Bandit the dog to languish at the hands of those who clearly did not care for him, she raised $300 via and then used that money to purchase Bandit from his owners. Once Bandit was free from their abuse, he was able to thrive in a normal environment.

Regardless of whether or not you know how to fundraise, is available to help if you are unable to pay for your pet’s medical expenses. By utilizing social networking you can reach a wide audience of people, and most pet lovers will be happy to donate what they can to save an animal’s life.

Caring about pets and animals can cost a lot, but animal crowdfunding could be a solution for such expenses. For learning how to crowd fund for your cause sign up our donation website.

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