Online Donations – Raise Money for Medical Expenses Part 2

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Individuals and organizations have utilized fundraising techniques for decades, but since the advent of the Internet many groups have switched over to online fundraising. There are many advantages to switching to a format which allows you to raise money online; most people prefer to use their credit cards, for example, and making an online donation with a credit card is quick and easy. Another advantage to using the Internet is that you’ll have several resources available to help you learn how to fundraise effectively. Listing your online charity or other fundraising efforts online via DonationTo.comwill provide you with access to multiple different fundraising ideas, which will help ensure that you meet your goal. makes it easy to create a fundraising page that can be used on your desktop, iPad and all smart phones!


Medical fundraising has enabled individuals and organizations to help people who are dealing with crippling medical expenses. It can also be utilized to help those who help others raise enough money to continue their philanthropic efforts. Laura Storey turned to in order to help her raise enough funds to continue to donate her time to the Ruel Foundation. As a non-profit, the Ruel Foundation relies on both monetary and time donations from its supporters. Founded in 2005, the Ruel Foundation seeks to assist children in developing nations who have physical deformities, such as cleft palates. The money that they raise helps pay for necessary medical procedures, along with providing housing for physically deformed children who have been cast out of their homes.



Storey’s online fundraiser, allowed her to quickly begin raising money for her goal. provides her with instant access to every dollar that is raised, which enables Storey to continue her philanthropic work on a daily basis. sets itself apart from other online donation sites by giving organizers instant funding; many other websites require the fundraiser to be fully funded before any funds are dispersed. Ensuring a specific goal is met might be a workable solution for someone who is raising funds for a film project, but in the case of medical fundraising it is important to be able to receive every dollar which is donated, even if the amount falls short of the overall goal. is used successfully to raise funds for medical expenses and other charitable causes, and the site is well-equipped to help anyone meet their fundraising goals. Rather than attempt out dated fundraisers in person, turn to and harness the power of desk tops, iPads and smart phones, globally! is unique because creates of the fundraiser keep 100 percent of all funds donated!

The medical crowdfunding can cover the expenses for a surgery or for an expensive treatment. To know how to easily achieve your goals, subscribe to our donation website and learn how to crowd fund for your particular cause.

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