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Online fundraising can be used for a wide variety of different reasons, ranging from raising funds for a local charity all the way to providing startup funding for a movie project. provides a platform which makes it easy for individuals or groups to raise money online, keep 100% of all donations collected and it should definitely be considered as a viable option if you’re trying to raise money to pay for someone’s medical expenses.

“ is great! Took me just a few moments to create the fundraising site and start accepting donations immediately. The real benefit for me was easy to use and I keep 100% of all the fundraising dollars and every bit counts!”  

A current example of an online fundraiser for medical expenses can be found at Dennis Carey, the creator of this page, were looking for fundraising ideas to assist with Carolina Andrade’s medical bills, and they turned to

Donationto Andrade suffers from two life-threatening disorders, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome, and the cost of her necessary medical treatments is staggering. Dennis Carey explains,

Medical fundraising is often done by the family or friends of an individual who is struck by a life altering medical condition. Even those who have good insurance can often be left with no choice but to file for bankruptcy after a serious medical issue, and those who do not have insurance can be faced with very difficult choices to make. Rather than allow someone’s entire life to be drastically altered forever, fundraising with as an online donation resource.


By utilizing, Andrade’s supporters were able to quickly start generating some much needed funding. They also have instant access to all of the donations that are made, which is something that sets the website apart from other online fundraising sites. Some of the other fundraising sites require a fully funded fundraiser before releasing any of the funds. In other words, if you post a fundraiser and fall $10 short of your total goal, the funds pledged would be released back to those who pledged them and you would receive nothing. understands that even partial funding is better than nothing, and as such they allow you to keep whatever you’re able to raise. They also provide you with tools to help you learn how to fundraise more effectively, such as chat support, fundraising video tips, sharing features for social networking sites and their fundraising book! is an important resource for anyone who needs to raise funds for a cause, and their site will make it much easier for an online charity fundraiser to reach their goal. Whether you’re looking for assistance with medical bills or for donations to keep a local food pantry in service, can help you reach out to a wider audience, thus ensuring a more successful fundraiser.

To crowd fund for your medical expenses and keep all 100% of your donations, sign up our donation website and raise money for your crowdfunding campaign.

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