Review Caring for Connor Medical Fundraising Success

For more fundraising tips Follow @donationto like us Facebook or plus us Google Plus is an extremely quick way to raise money online for all projects, including medical expenses. The site’s user friendly tools make it easy for anyone to launch an online fundraising campaign, so even if you are not completely sure how to fundraise, will be able to assist you. Enabling people to donate online is the easiest way to host a successful fundraiser, and will provide you with valuable tips and fundraising ideas to help you hit your goal. Below you will read a review of and  the Connor family raising funds: using  is a perfect way to access money immediately for those who are raising funds for medical expenses 

An example of the power of is the Caring for Connor online fundraising campaign. Connor Logan was involved in a serious car accident in June, and it has left him in a coma. Even with insurance, the bills associated with providing Connor with necessary medical care are astronomical. His physicians have not been able to provide any information regarding when he might wake up from the coma, but Connor is showing signs of progress.

In order to allow Connor to have access to quality medical care, his family turned to to host an online fundraising campaign. They were not experts who already knew how to fundraise, but their situation made it necessary for them to find a way to raise money online. Dealing with Connor’s medical bills is difficult enough, but his parents also have to juggle other bills, work and their need to spend time at the hospital with their son. Enabling people to donate online has helped them to receive much needed funding for Connor’s rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Ga. Connor’s condition requires them to keep the fundraiser open-ended at this point, and all of the donations that they receive will help remove some of the burden that this tragedy has place on the family’s finances.

Although there are several sites online that help people with their fundraising efforts, is different because it allows people to collect 100 percent of the money that they raise. This is important, because a lot of people do not know how to set an obtainable goal. Even if your fundraiser only receives a small portion of your goal number, will still make all of the funding available. Another perk of using is that they offer several fundraising ideas, along with social networking integration tools to help make your campaign go viral.

Donating online through only takes a moment, and donors will be provided with the option of using Paypal or WePay. You will be able to access the money as soon as it clears into your fundraising account. Most fundraising sites make you wait until the fundraiser is over to collect your funds, but understands the importance of making the money available immediately.

Regardless of the type of fundraiser that you have in mind, will offer your donors a safe and fast way to make a donation. You will be able to access the money immediately, and this is a huge perk for those who are raising funds for medical expenses, such as the Caring for Connor fundraiser. will provide you with 100 percent of the money that you raise, even if you do not hit your goal number. Donors will be offered two payment options, and this will increase the total amount of donations that you receive.

Sharing the positive experience from a medical crowdfunding campaign of success is a gratification. Our donation website is proud to be helpful to people who crowd fund for a medical cause.

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