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Fundraising projects like Bench for Ira have proven fundraising is easy and efficient. This project was created using to spread the word and collect funds.

Anyone who wants to learn how to fundraise needs to make use of the rich online tools available today. There are websites that make it easy for people to submit an online donation with a few clicks of a button. One of the best tools for fundraising online is People can promote a cause and keep 100% of the funds collected. This is a chance to really reach goals quickly and efficiently while also educating and raising awareness.


The following are some of the many reasons to invest in and to really explore online donation options.

Online fundraising is easy and not technical because of tools like Groups and individuals can customize their page and they can start sharing a their link instantly. This is a chance for supporters to see what one’s goal looks like and how much has been raised real time. This is an easy way to market a campaign and to really raise awareness. Being able to keep all of the funds is part of the benefit: other tools charge between 5 to 10% of donated funds which can hurt fundraising projects from reaching their real goal. was critical for the Bench for Ira campaign. Ira Waks spent time walking the streets of New York City to hunt for loose change that he would then donate to local charities. This group’s fundraising ideas centered around one day purchasing a bench in Madison Square Park in the name of Ira Waks since he used to live around and walk around the park. By visiting, people can easily donate online and also keep track of how much money had been raised for the project. Here, there was a memorable photograph of Ira as well as a description of his life and why the group wanted to name a bench after him. gave people a space to raise money online in a quick, easy, and effective way.

Online fundraising is a great way to raise awareness, gather funds, and quickly reach a goal. This is a chance to make the most of today’s technology. An online charity can raise a lot of money online. One can customize a page on with photographs, videos, and messages about a cause or mission. This link can then be quickly spread via email or social networking websites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. If you are looking for a quick effective way to create a fundraising site, that enables you to keep 100% of all donations then is a great place to start.

For reaching your crowdfunding goals, sign up our donation website and start to learn how to crowd fund for your particular campaign.

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