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Online fundraising is a fantastic way to procure funding for any type of project, including charity and medical causes, and there are many positive benefits to choosing as the host of your next fundraiser. Not only is the website designed in a manner that requires no technical skills, but you will also be able to keep 100 percent of the funding that you raise. It is usually much easier to raise money online because people prefer to use their credit or debit cards, and will provide you with a safe platform for collecting money in this manner.

A current example of an online fundraiser that is being hosted by is the Hope for Hailey project. This fundraiser enables donors from around the world to become involved in a great cause with just a couple of quick clicks of their mouse. provides all of the basic tools, including advice on how to fundraise, and the people behind the project can really bring their project page to life by adding photos and videos. is the perfect resource to promote and fundraise for chartieis and good causes such as Hope for Hailey

Hope for Hailey is a fundraiser that seeks to cover the cost of heartworm treatment for Hailey, a Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as a French Mastiff, who has had an especially difficult life. Hailey was surrendered to a Massachusettts animal shelter, where it was discovered that she was extremely malnourished and had been forced to breed countless times. Due to the difficult life that Hailey has led, she had some issues at first with socialization, and this almost caused her to be euthanized. Fortunately, the Dogue de Bordeaux Society of America Rescue (DDBSA Rescue) came to her rescue, but they made the heartbreaking discovery that Hailey is heartworm positive. Hailey will die without proper treatment, but the cost is astronomical. In order to meet these costs while still providing quality care for other foster dogs, the DDBSA Rescue and Hailey’s new foster mom are seeking donations. Their campaign has been very successful thus far, and they’ve pledged to use any extra money that is raised to help out dogs at the DDBSA Rescue.

Hailey’s story highlights how important an online fundraising campaign can be. Enabling people to donate online really widens a fundraisers scope, and it also provides a great opportunity to receive feedback on how to fundraise more effectively; in fact, many people have reported that the process helped them develop new fundraising ideas. makes it easy to reach out to supporters by offering integration with Facebook and Twitter. Just as the organizer for Hailey’s campaign has done, it is important to keep your supporters in the loop. Allowing people to easily track your progress will make them feel more involved, and it might even encourage them to donate online multiple times. also offers a wide selection of blogs and other resources to provide you with easy access to additional fundraising ideas, so if you are stuck at any point, you will be able to quickly get assistance.

On this donation website you can start your animal crowdfunding campaign and offer the necessary support to the pets in need. To crowd fund for a saving cause does not require special skills on

Hailey’s campaign has a few days left, and it has already almost reached the goal. If the goal is met early, the organizers will have the option of changing the goal in order to continue to raise money online to help additional animals. If the goal is not met, the full amount of money raised will still be released to help cover the cost of Hailey’s heartworm treatment.

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