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If you would like to raise money online for a good cause, then is a perfect resource. They will give you all of the tools necessary to help you learn how to fundraise, and they will also provide you with an online fundraising page that you can easily customize with photographs, videos and information about your cause. is a an effective way to enable people to donate online, and it has already been the host of countless successful online fundraising campaigns.

In a recent example, Ben Harris has a dream of becoming one of the rare few to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. He has been actively involved with the Boy Scouts since Kindergarten,

Online fundraising is a great way to raise awareness, gather funds, and quickly reach a goal

and his goal of joining the top one percent of scouts is very important to him. More important, however, is his desire to honor the life of a UT professor’s recently departed wife. Harris has created the Eagle Scout Project as a way to raise money onlineto cover the cost of a memorial bench. Although Harris has never attempted anything like this before, he quickly discovered that his lack of knowledge about how to fundraise was easy to surpass thanks to’s extremely user-friendly interface.

Small fundraisers often need the most help getting started. makes it easy to learn about important fundraising ideas such as utilizing Facebook to spread the word. Ultimately it is more important what your message is, rather than the size of your project. is currently hosting hundreds of small fundraisers, including the Eagle Scout Project. Because these campaigns have access to the same fundraising ideas and tools as everyone else’s, they are highly likely to meet their goals. By supporting these fundraisers, either as an organizer or as a donor, you can provide some much needed hope to people in need.

In addition to teaching people how to fundraise and providing them with an abundance of fundraising ideas, also ensures that you receive 100 percent of the donations that you collect. Unlike other similar online fundraising platforms, has an open-ended fundraising philosophy that removes the stress of hitting a specific goal. In other words, if you set your goal at $500 but only raise half of that, you will still receive every dollar that has been donated. makes it easy to spread the word with social networking integration tools, and they also allow people to donate online via Paypal or WePay. is an easy to use platform for online fundraisers, and they provide enough tools to help anyone learn how to raise money for a good cause. Small fundraisers, such as Ben Harris’ Eagle Scout Project, can be just as successful as large ones, and believes that it is important to support them. To make it easier to bring your fundraising goals to life, accepts online donations via Paypal and WePay, and they also provide the organizer with 100 percent of the funds that are collected, regardless of if the total goal number is met.

Our donation website supports the social causes and teaches how to crowd fund for your project. The crowdfunding on is accessible and easy to apply.

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