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Having the ability to raise money online has changed the world of fundraising, both for adults and for kids. Children are expected to participate in a vast array of different fundraisers on an annual basis, including those that help support sports teams, school clubs, boy scouts or girl scouts, charity work, a bar or bat mitzvah, a communion and other church related events. And parents are expected to help facilitate the process and even make up the difference when fundraising goals aren’t met. Traditional fundraising methods required children to go from door to door or parents to go from desk to desk in their offices, but safety and other concerns have left most parents looking for alternatives.

Together, as a family, you can teach your children and teenagers the value of fundraising for charitable organizations

Turning to the Internet is a logical choice for adults who wish to help show their children how to fundraise. Today’s kids and teenagers have grown up using the Internet, and they have a natural tendency to be extremely Internet savvy. One of the key components of a successful online fundraising campaign is a good working knowledge of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and the vast majority of children are more skilled with these sites than their parents are. Utilizing the Internet for a child’s fundraiser will feel more familiar to a child than typical fundraising ideas, and this will result in the child taking a more active role in the fundraising process. Children can encourage parents to update the donors on their progress by using’s built-in social media tools. Hosting an online fundraising campaign for your child’s charity will also enable you to teach your child about the importance of giving back to the community.

Another great way to involve the family is to have your child help you create the video for your fundraising page. Today’s children and teenagers have extensive knowledge about how to create videos, and this is one of the best fundraising ideas of the past decade. You and your children can film footage of the charity or organization in need and include personal statements about why you believe it’s a worthy cause. The video can also be shared on social networking sites to help raise awareness of the fundraiser. Utilizing the Internet as the number one advertising source for a fundraiser will encourage people to donate online. Most people prefer to use their credit or debit card on a daily basis, so they’re much more likely to donate online than in person.

You can utilize to teach your children the importance of fundraising without taking on the risk of hosting an unsuccessful fundraiser. Regardless of what your child is raising funds for, any amount of donations is always better than zero donations. One of the major perks of turning to to raise money online is that you’ll be able to keep 100 percent of the funds that are raised. Unlike other similar sites, the fundraiser doesn’t have to be fully funded in order to be paid out. Parents will enjoy the ability to easily assist their child’s fundraising processes without having to go door to door with them, thus ensuring that they can keep their child safe from both real life and virtual strangers. Children will also feel empowered by the fact that they are included in the fundraising effort, rather than having to rely on their parents to sell something for them without their input. is the perfect resource for parents to teach their children about the importance of helping others. Parents and children will enjoy an easier and safer version of traditional fundraising methods, and children will receive a confidence boost from putting their video creating skills to good use.

Teach your children the importance of crowdfunding for charitable organizations. To show all your family members how to crowd fund use our donation website

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