Online Fundraising Thrives Despite Economic Recession

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Online fundraising is often used by individuals or corporations to raise funds for a new artistic project or a large charitable event, but it can also be a very successful way for others to raise money online for an individual or a family that has fallen on hard times. is pleased to be the host of a fundraiser that was put together by the former co-workers of an elderly woman who was in danger of losing her house. Entitled “Save Willa’s House 2012,” the online fundraising campaign was directed at Willa’s former co-workers, and they rallied together to raise more than the necessary amount. Donations also keep coming in, and they will help Willa keep up on her house tax payments going forward.

Online donations are a wonderful way to raise money for friends, family and loved ones in need

Many people have the misconception that difficult economic times mean that others will not be willing to make a charitable donation. The Save Willa’s House fundraiser is a shining example of the fact that people enjoy being charitable regardless of the current state of the economy. While it is true that some people may not be able to afford to give much, most people will give at least a dollar or two for a good cause. One of the benefits of using to raise money online is that it enables people to give what they can privately, thereby removing the potential stigma involved with giving a small donation. Every dollar counts, and letting people donate online is the best way to rack up a large amount of money through small individual donations.

One of the key components of the fundraiser for Willa is that it was specifically targeted at people who know Willa. People are more likely to be charitable to those they know, and hosting an online fundraiser allowed Willa to receive the money she needed without having to personally ask others for help. Getting the necessary $7,000 from one or two people might have been impossible, but when an entire company joins forces it is easy to raise a set amount of money in a short amount of time.

One of the most important skills for someone who is learning how to fundraise to acquire is the ability to set a realistic goal; the quick influx of donations shows that Willa’s supporters understood this, and they set their goal accordingly. In addition to setting a clear and obtainable goal, they also encouraged additional donations by putting a plan in place for any donations received in excess of $7,000. makes it really easy for people who are still learning how to fundraise; they offer several fundraising ideas, and they also provide social networking integration to make it easier to spread the word and keep supporters updated. Keeping people in the loop is the best way to encourage them to donate online, and it is also a great way to start a dialogue about future fundraising ideas.

Unlike other similar fundraising sites, makes every dollar raised available immediately. Even if the campaign for Willa’s tax money had fallen short of the $7,000 goal, Willa would have still been given every penny raised.

An economic recession does not equal the end of charitable giving. Most people wish to help others, especially if it is someone they know, and they will be willing to open their hearts and pocketbooks for the right cause. Willa’s former co-workers are a shining example of this, and it is important to keep online fundraising in mind if you are thinking of hosting a fundraiser to help a friend in need.

Economical crowdfunding is aiming at the online support focused on particular cause with financial issues. Our donation website is sharing valuable thoughts to crowd fund for your cause and keep all donations.

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