Online Fundraising with Paypal and WePay

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If you are looking to raise money online for a fundraiser, is the perfect choice. DonationTo enables you  to keep one hundred percent of the funds that you raise and also offers you user friendly solutions for accepting donations, along with countless fundraising ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

   PayPal and WePay is the best way to ensure a successful  online fundraiser 

Paypal has long been an ally for online fundraising campaigns as it has made it easy for people to donate online with just a couple of clicks. has been partnered up with Paypal since the beginning for this purpose, but for all of its strengths. Unlike most online payment methods, Paypal can forces those attempting to donate online to complete their donation on the Paypal website. For some people this additional step is very helpful for those who already have a Paypal account. It makes giving donations very fast and simple, in just a few clicks.

In order to add additional support to those without a Paypal account, sought out other resources to enable fundraisers to raise money online with even more efficiency. Today is pleased to announce that these efforts have led to a new partnership with WePay. Paypal will still be available as a payment option as well, and this doubles the likelihood that people will donate online. WePay offers highly competitive credit card fees, and they enable donors to complete the donation process without having to load another website. This will make the process much simpler and it will also enable you to capture donations from those who prefer not to use Paypal. Ultimately the conclusion is by having more payment options you will get more donations.

If you are still in the process of learning how to fundraise, you might be confused about which option is the best one. The true answer is that neither option is better, but having both available will increase your total amount of donations. Choosing to pay with Paypal or WePay is simply based on a personal preference. Some people will already have a Paypal account in place and will be so used to following the Paypal format that they will not think twice about completing the transaction on the Paypal website. Other people will question the necessity of loading another website, and this might discourage them from donating. By providing both options, you increase the ease of giving thus increasing your chance to hit your fundraising goal faster! Remember at DonationTo our number 1 priority is speed. is in the business of helping you learn how to fundraise, and we feel that offering multiple payment options is the absolute best way to ensure a successful fundraiser. It is vital to get the word out about your online fundraising campaign, and makes this easy to do with social networking integration. Make sure to advertise the fact that you accept both Paypal and WePay. In addition to offering potential donors the option between Paypal and WePay, we can also help you develop innovative fundraising ideas. Visit today to learn more about our fundraising process and how it can be utilized to create a successful fundraising campaign.

All donations from crowdfunding on our donation website, are made through secure payment systems. We protect your donations and show how to crowd fund securely.

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