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YAY! Sprinkles is the brainchild of creative San Francisco resident Eddie Valtierra. His cupcake hats represent a visual manifestation of his belief that neighbors can, and should, help each other out with the little things, such as a cup of sugar for the creation of delicious baked goods. YAY! Sprinkles was born after Valtierra created and wore one cupcake hat around his neighborhood; the reaction of others let him know that he was onto a viable option to spread his message of neighborly love.


After gaining a toe hold in the San Francisco market, YAY! Sprinkles has a minor setback; the manufacturer who provided the base for their cupcake hats has discontinued the necessary part. Rather than look at this misfortune as a stumbling block, Valtierra has decided to embrace it and turn it into a way to become more creative with his product. YAY! Sprinkles is now seeking art and fashion lovers who are interested in helping bring Eddie’s new vision to life. Funds are being raised via an online fundraising campaign, which was created using– Donations are being accepted here: Online donors will have the opportunity to select different thank you gifts, depending on the amount of their donation.

The YAY! Sprinkles fundraiser is already off to a good start, the campaign needs to raise additional funds to be successful. If the campaign is fully funded, YAY! Sprinkles will not only be able to move forward with new designs but they will also be in a better position to offer their unique hats to a worldwide audience. Whether you’re currently a fan of YAY! Sprinkles or if you’ve stumbled upon them for the first time, you can now have a hand in making an artistic dream become a reality.

Your ideas can be only nourished by a good crowdfunding campaign. For a solid campaign, learn how to crowd fund without having technical skills. Our donation website is offering this unique chance.

Valtierra and all of the fans of YAY! Sprinkles would love your support!

Thanks again! From the DonationTo Team!!

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  1. eric_shinn 29 December 2011 at 8:42 pm

    If there are two constants more than death and taxes, they are the power of creative hats, sites like #dontationTo to make this kind of stuff possible, and SPRINKLES (on donuts OR hats.) Ok so three. No four. The power to count is always a plus.

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