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So you just set up a slick donation site to collect funds online. You’ve checked that box, and you’re ready to put your donation site out of your mind.

In a perfect world, this would be the case. But as you already know, our world is far from perfect. While launching your donation page is a big milestone, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Maintaining an effective fundraising site is an ongoing process of revising, testing and incorporating the feedback you receive. In order to ensure that your page is getting the best results possible, you need to take a step back and ask yourself a number of questions about your site.

First, make sure your page is accessible to donors. This point isn’t really related to the content of your donation page itself, but rather, how you promote it externally.

If you are already using a site outside of your DonationTo page to promote your cause, make sure an obvious link to your donation page is extremely easy to find on that site. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible for potential donors to figure out how to donate. They shouldn’t have to click through multiple pages, check their email, or really do anything aside from click an obvious link to get to your donation page. As an example, when using DonationTo to create your fundraising page we have already optimized the “Donate Now” button for you.


Include a link on every single page of every site you are utilizing, from Facebook to your blog to your cause’s standalone site.  Each link should lead directly to your donation page – no detours!

These links should be in the form of a simple and compelling call to action. Think something along the lines of “Donate Now!” or “Click Here to Support!” They should also be extremely easy to find. An easy way to help your link stand out is to make it a different color, font, or size than the rest of the text on our site. As far as the location of these links, try to insert them where people naturally tend to look on a website: across the top or on the left side.

To see great examples of additional usability tips when fundraising by Philip Tomé can be viewed below:


If you’re using a DontationTo page, we have already taken care of a lot of the on-page work for you.  Our donation pages are optimized for user engagement and ease of use.  In other words, DonationTo makes it easy for visitors to understand the root of your cause and enjoyable for visitors quickly support and donate.

If you’re not using a DontationTo page, you should give it a try! Alternatively if you are using your own built fundraising page, then make sure the form on your donation page is simple and straightforward to use.

As far as what to put on your site, remember to keep it clean, simple with a clear relevant call to action. Including some engaging multimedia like images or a video is crucial, but be careful not to go overboard.  The last thing you want to do is clutter what should be a basic page with too much content.

On this donation website everyone has the chance to learn the skills of crowdfunding and create a personalized webpage to crowd fund with success.

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Thanks again! From the DonationTo Team!!

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