Breast Cancer Donations

The family was able to raise more than $1,700 in donations for cancer research via their online page, and we are pleased that we were able to help them bring their vision to life. As an added bonus, supporting the American Cancer Society today could make it possible for other people in the future to no longer need to collect donations for medical bills.


Brain Cancer

On July 26, 2013, the Rhea family got the bad news that their daughter, Abi, was going to need to begin the process of fighting brain cancer. Since this time, Abi has been admitted to the hospital, and this has caused the family to incur a large quantity of medical bills. Abi's parents want nothing more than to sit by their daughter side while she goes through each necessary treatment.


Leukemia Online Donations

After 14-year-old Lane Clark was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia in October, the Jasper Fire Department made the decision to turn to a donation website in order to help pay for his chemotherapy treatments. Lane's father is the chief of the fire department, and his coworkers want to reduce some of the burden that this medical diagnosis has placed on his family.



Effy's Fight Against Leukemia saved over $700 using DonationTo paid accounts. The family has more than three months left in their campaign. This will definitely help provide some much-needed relief for the financial burden that this unexpected medical condition has placed upon the family.


Fundraising For Veterans

The organizers of this crowdfunding for veterans campaign had a goal of raising $5,000 before their event. By harnessing the power of the Internet, they were able to surpass this goal and raise almost $6,300. By using DonationTo paid accounts they saved over $200!


Wedding and Honeymoon Fundraising – Stacy and Simon

When Stacy and Simon made the decision to get married, they were faced with more financial challenges than the typical couple. This is due to the fact that Stacy and Simon live in different countries. Therefore, the engaged couple turned to DonationTo to help them harness the power of the Internet for this wedding crowdfunding campaign. In less than 24 hours they raised over $3,000! By using DonationTo paid account this saved them over $160 in fees!


Cancer Gene Fundraising

Lindsay after having a baby, she reflected on many of the struggles that she has seen around her due to cancer. Therefore, Lindsay made the decision to begin training so that she could complete the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Lindsay decided to utilize a donation website, and partnering with DonationTo allowed her to exceed goal by almost $1,000 and saved over $400 !


Funeral Fundraising – Memory of Mauro Gabriel

Mauro Valenzuela, more commonly referred to as Bud, unexpectedly lost his life at the age of 25 due to cancer. Because of this, the Valenzuela family was left struggling to pay for Bud's funeral. Fortunately, a family friend made the decision to launch a funeral fundraising page via DonationTo. This provided people around the world an online donation opportunity to assist the family during their time of need. Donations came in quickly, and more than $2,800 has been raised to date.


Medical Fundraising – Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS)

Dealing with all of this been very traumatic for the family, and it is also extremely expensive. Therefore, they made the decision to launch a crowdfunding for HLHS campaign to assist them during this difficult time. Fortunately, making the decision to harness the power of the Internet has provided the family with more than $4,400 in donations for medical bills.

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