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Groups to support women in foreign nations face challenges when it comes to determining how to fundraise and gain support for their cause. Traditional fundraising ideas often do not raise the awareness and the amount of funds required to complete the work of the organization. This often takes a lot time to raise a significant amount of money.


The Nepali Yoga Women Project has found a unique way to raise money for their organization. Focused on helping women in Nepal, the Nepali Yoga Women Project teach women how to heal and provide support for themselves. This is a country where women face harsh realities. Knowing this fact, Devika Gurung and Emma Despres created the Nepali Yoga Women Project to help teach holistic therapies and critical skills to Nepali women. Instead of traditional fundraising methods, the women set to raise money online to support their center. On their fundraising site, created by DonationTo.com, the center was able to post a video and short description of its mission for potential donors to see. Those who view the site and want to support its mission have the ability to donate online and help the group reach its $10,000 goal.

Online fundraising has proven to be a successful method of fundraising for the Nepali Yoga Women Project. Over $1,000 was quickly raised for the center and the women are well on their way to reaching their $10,000 goal. Those who donate to the project receive an e-mail receipt of their donation and supporters of the project have the ability to generate more support by sharing the cause on Facebook and other social networking websites. Uniblue, a popular computer software company, is providing additional support for the Nepali Yoga Women Project. 

With the ability to provide a description of your cause and include relevant pictures and videos, an online fundraising site through DonationTo.com has the ability to help your organization reach a large group of potential donors quickly and effectively. DonationTo.com eliminates the need for printed materials and allows individuals to donate immediately and globally with just a few clicks.

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The successful social crowdfunding has an imediate effect on social groups that fight for their cause. Our donation website is explaining how to crowd fund for a social campaign, NGO, public utility, etc.

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