SFO Plane Crash

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A Boeing 777 operated by the Korean airline Asiana crashed today (Saturday July 6th 2013) while landing at SFO - 2 Dead, 61 Injured.

At San Francisco General Hospital, the region’s top trauma center, officials said 40 of the injured were critically wounded, including eight adults and two children who were being treated there.

“It was a horrible thud,” said Kelly Thompson, who saw it unfold from the parking lot of the Westin Hotel at the airport. “The airliner bounced and then slid to a stop on the runway.”

“I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal… (at @flySFO) [pic] — https://path.com/p/1lwrZb


RT @danblar: @NYCAviation @FlyerTalk @quallick live from SFO. pic.twitter.com/FhaRYTlIP2


Images of the crash showed the plane lying on the ground, its nose pointed slightly upward, apparently on fire and billowing smoke. It was stated the wing of the plane was torn off and doesn’t seem to be anyone injured.



The crash could be seen from some distance, and the images appeared to show that the plane had lost its tail.

Stefanie Laine, one of those who posted on Twitter that she had witnessed the crash, said that the “plane came in at a bad angle, flipped, exploded.”

Workers on the scene, but there were no reports yet of the extent of casualties. It was not stated how many individuals were on board. The F.A.A. said it could not immediately provide further details.

Video is below


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