The Best Online Fundraising Tip – Give It A Year

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Setting an unrealistic goal is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they host an online fundraising campaign. In addition to setting realistic financial goals, it is equally important to set a realistic time frame for your campaign. If you are just learning how to fundraise, then you might have the misconception that your attempts to raise money online will become an overnight success. While this definitely does happen in some cases, most fundraisers need time to capture the attention of potential donors.


Give any fundraising campaign one year to ensure you give is a chance!

Stick with it!

In order to host a successful online fundraising campaign, you need to be willing to stick with it, even if it takes a while before people start to donate online. Even in the world of entertainment they say it takes ten years to become an overnight success. In the world of fundraising, it can take up to a year. Therefore, if you have fundraising ideas, you have to keep moving forward instead of giving up.

Still take a while for the word to spread

Even though we live in a technologically connected society, it is important to recognize that it will still take a while for the word to spread about your fundraiser. Have you ever seen a funny photo on the Internet and shared it with your friends, only to find out that they had all seen it a month ago? You were probably shocked that you missed it the first time. That is going to happen with some of your potential donors, too.

Some people will simply get the word late

In addition to the fact that some people will simply get the word late, you will also be able to continue to spread the word about your efforts to raise money online with new people who you meet or reconnect with and friends that are returning from vacation. If a local business finds out about you efforts, then they might even decide to become a big donor. Either way, getting the word out will take time, so you must stick with your fundraising ideas.

Get your own domain name

Getting your own domain name is a fantastic way to encourage people to donate online, but it will take Google a couple of months to add it to their search results. By sticking with your fundraiser, you will be able to take advantage of the increased traffic that Google will send your way.

Commitment will impress people

Even your friends and family members may be a bit hesitant at first, especially if they unsure if you know how to fundraise. If you are still promoting your cause after six months, however, this will demonstrate how seriously you take your fundraiser. This level of commitment will impress people, and it will make them feel more comfortable about making a donation.

Give up too soon and never know what would of happened

If you are truly serious, then your efforts will extend past the first couple of weeks, and you will create amazing results with your fundraiser. If you give up quickly, however, there will be no way to know what could have been.

The only way to host a truly successful fundraiser is to stay committed to your cause. Give yourself a year to allow word of mouth to spread about your fundraiser, and make sure that you utilize a custom URL so that Google can start sending your fundraising page additional traffic. By proving that you are serious about your cause, you will encourage people to make donations.

To make sure the crowdfunding voice will be heard, share this and shout out loud as much as possible. This will assume that all your attempts to crowd fund are perceived.  For more tips sign up on our donation website.

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