The Book On Fundraising Chapter 1 Do Something Specific

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The Book on Fundraising was created by the team at Today we announce The Book on Fundraising available 100% for free, in blog form. As the months progress we will work quickly to make these pages available on our blog - Below is Chapter 1 – Do Something Specific – This is a key element to know as you start any type of fundraising!

Do Something Specific

The excitement of raising money for a cause often leads first-time fundraisers to attempt more than they can handle. Frequently, fundraising for large numbers for a general cause results in poor direction, arbitrary goals, and lack of funding. This first chapter regarding the scale of successful fundraising seeks to help you decide on a goal that is exhilarating because it is achievable.

To avoid the common mistake of over-committing, start with a smaller goal amount and focus on a specific aspect of the cause. For example, say you want to raise money to produce fresh drinking water in Latin America. Instead of aiming to help bring drinking water to a foreign land — “Hello friends, I am trying to bring fresh drinking water to Nicaragua, donations are very much appreciated” — tell your supporters about a specific objective you are working on and the exact manner in which you will bring drinking water to the area. Here is a sample statement to consider: “We are providing clean water for 20 families in the quaint, little town of Torre Cinco. We have worked with local contractors who have priced each water well at $500 and we are trying to build 3.” Wow! Now this is starting to sound like something tangible. We have a goal in plain sight and the rewards are both specific and rewarding.

Taking small, specific steps also draws visitors to your cause. The reason is because the more specific a cause, the better you are able to isolate what donors “get” in return for their contribution, with measurable results. The key word here is “get.” Visitors will more likely give or participate if they clearly understand what will result from their involvement. If they can “get” a result — even if it’s small — your visitors will more likely support your cause.

Starting off fundraising for a cause that is specific and practical energizes you and attracts supporters. Remember, everyone wants to be able to accomplish their goals! Make sure that what you are pouring your energy into is actually doable.

Another critical reason for addressing a small and specific issue from the beginning is that you will set into motion an effort that can be carried through until the very end. By deciding on a reasonable cause, you are already closer to your first successful fundraiser, and farther from discouragement and potential failure.

Nothing will be more important than your first successful fundraiser. By achieving a small and specific goal, you will create a testament of your ability. Displaying what you have completed in the past will reduce friction when donors decide to participate in the future. With an increase in participation, THEN you are ready to target larger goals. Still keep in mind, however, that no matter the size of the goal amount, you still have to be specific.

When your ultimate goal is to raise a large sum of money, there is nothing wrong with breaking your fundraising campaigns into phases. Look at the example below.

Annual Fundraising Goal: $25,000
- What this will provide: 50 wells in Nicaragua

Phase 1:
- Raise $2,000 for 10 wells in Nicaragua
- Fundraising Date: Jan.–March
- Thank donors
- Recap to everyone the success of the campaign

Phase 2:
- Raise $4,000 for 20 wells in Nicaragua
- Fundraising Date: April-August
- Thank donors
- Recap to everyone the success of the campaign

Continue with phases 3 & 4 to finish the year.

In conclusion, start small with your first fundraiser. When you set out to raise money for your cause, make sure it’s something specific. As you explain your cause, make it clear. Explain in full detail what is required from the donor and what will they “get” in return for their support. By having a clear objective with reasonable goals in sight, you will increase the likelihood of achieving your target, thus leading to bigger fundraising projects that will help create the impact you so desire. When raising larger sums of money, don’t be afraid to break your fundraising campaigns into phases. Breaking large fundraising campaigns into smaller campaigns makes each step of the way that much easier to achieve.

To start a crowdfunding campaign of succes you have to be authentic. This and many other thoughts on how to crowd fund for a positive result can be learned on our donation website.

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