The Book On Fundraising Chapter 11 Getting Started With Social Media

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The Book on Fundraising was created by the team at Today we announce The Book on Fundraising available 100% for free, in blog form. As the months progress we will work quickly to make these pages available on our blog - Below is Chapter 11 – Getting Started With Social Media – This is a key element to know as you start any type of fundraising!

Getting Started With Social Media

There are endless ways to take advantage of the Internet to promote your cause. In this chapter we are going to give a quick overview of the different methods you can utilize.

All online communication falls into two categories: social media and email.

Getting Started With Social Media & Fundraising!

Social Media Brings More Awareness To Your Cause!

Let’s start with email. The best application of email is sending important reminders and newsletters. It’s a relatively easy way to keep your supporters engaged, and is the most “professional” of all the online channels of communication. For current supporters, use this method sparingly, and only for important notices. For contacting new prospects, keep your email short and don’t send them too often. Sending emails about once a week is perfect. Sending emails daily can be appropriate only if it is merited. For example, if your fundraising campaign is about end in 7 days, then daily emails can be sent in the context of urgency and good will of making your fundraising goal in time.

As far as social media goes, among your best friends are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Setting up an account for any of these media is very simple, but there are a few general rules to follow when using them. With Twitter, rule number one is: don’t overdo the tweets! If you’re tweeting more than once a day, it’s too much. Once a day is a nice reminder, but any more than that can easily become an annoyance.

With Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, you can be a little more liberal with status updates. That said, doing only status updates isn’t the most effective approach. Setting up events in a Facebook page is extremely helpful for keeping all of your friends up to date. Don’t forget to use events to get the most out of your Facebook account.

Finally, we’ll leave you with this: with any online communication, don’t be afraid to ask your supporters for help promoting your cause. Remember: the web is all about connections. In fact, it’s really just one big network of connections.

Think of every single one of your supporters as a doorway to an entirely new network. If you think about it, asking them to spread the word doesn’t require much on their part: re-tweeting, forwarding emails, or mentioning your cause in a status update only takes a few clicks.

And hey, what do you have to lose by asking?

Social media crowdfunding campaigns are in tops of people’s attention. This is why our donation website advises to crowd fund extensively by using social platforms on a daily basis.

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