The Book On Fundraising Chapter 15 Twitter Strategies

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The Book on Fundraising was created by the team at Today we announce The Book on Fundraising available 100% for free, in blog form. As the months progress we will work quickly to make these pages available on our blog - Below is Chapter 15 – Twitter Strategies - This is a key element to know as you start any type of fundraising!

Twitter Strategies

If we cover Facebook advertising strategies, there’s no excuse not to cover Twitter as well!

So what the heck is Twitter, anyway?! If you’ve never used it before, don’t worry: it sounds a lot more confusing than it actually is. After watching this post, you’ll be tweeting successfully in no time!

Twitter calls itself a “microblogging platform,” but the easiest way to think of it is as a standalone version of Facebook’s status update feature. Twitter allows you to send 140 character posts to a community of connections called your followers. and Twitter Strategies

Better Fundraising With Twitter and

In the context of fundraising, this service is an incredible opportunity to find new donors, engage supporters, and build and maintain relationships.

Setting up a Twitter account is extremely simple, so we won’t bore you by going over that. Instead, we’ll go through how to use it as part of your fundraising strategy.

First, we will build a strong Twitter community. The ultimate goal is to get a variety of followers who are interested in your cause, but to get here you’ll need to start by following others.

So who do you follow? Start by following any current supporters or partners who are on Twitter. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to start looking for new contacts.

The easiest way to find new people who are relevant to your cause is the search feature. By searching for terms related to your cause, you can find people who are already talking about it, and then start following them. But don’t stop there: look at who these people are following, and follow some of them as well.

So once you’ve started building up your network, what do you tweet about? In general, your tweets should focus on stating your purpose, calling supporters to action, and generating excitement about your cause. They can explain why others should care about your cause, and let them know about all the ways they can get involved. Twitter is also a great platform for broadcasting updates regarding your events or goals.

If you’re already blogging, you can use a tool called TwitterFeed to automatically tweet your blog posts over Twitter. This way, you can instantly promote your new blog posts to anyone following you.

Once you’ve started building your community and disseminating information, the next step is interacting with other users.

At heart, Twitter is all about having a conversation, and conversations are a two-way street. In addition to sending out messages, you should also use Twitter to listen to what others are saying about topics related to your cause.

If you come across an interesting tweet, you should reply directly to it with your thoughts. Initiating a conversation is the first step to building relationships, and relationships are the bread and butter of fundraising.

Twitter is an unprecedented avenue to start building relationships with potential supporters and donors all across the globe. All it takes is a little bit of time and a sincere interest in what others are saying!

Tweet by tweet, share your campaign by crowdfunding on social networks. Our donation website shares advise how to crowd fund online.

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