The Book On Fundraising Chapter 3 How To Ask For Help

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The Book on Fundraising was created by the team at Today we announce The Book on Fundraising available 100% for free, in blog form. As the months progress we will work quickly to make these pages available on our blog - Below is Chapter 3 – How To Ask For Help – This is a key element to know as you start any type of fundraising!

How To Ask For Help

Raising money and finding supporters for your cause is no easy task, especially for only one or a few people to handle. With that in mind, the next step after you practice explaining your cause is to go out there and do it — ask for other people’s support! Remember, there is absolutely no shame in asking for help.

Fundraising and Asking For Help!

Better Fundraising By Asking For Help!

Gaining support is definitely a process where you see the snowball effect. What I mean by this is that your efforts build upon themselves. Once you reach supporters that are responsive and motivated, they are usually happy to introduce you to additional supporters, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help finding additional supporters!A good place to start is asking them to reach out to their social network to raise awareness. Your asking for something specific makes people much more likely to help, so start by asking supporters to tweet about your cause, mention it in Facebook status updates/events, or forward emails to their friends, family, and colleagues. If any of your supporters blog, ask them if they would mind writing a short post summarizing their support.

When thinking of who to reach out to, remember to keep it relevant. For example, if you’re raising money for an animal shelter, reaching out to animal blogs would be a good idea, but deep-sea fishing blogs might not be the best use of your time.

Although there’s no shame in asking for help, you should be careful to avoid being overbearing. If a supporter doesn’t seem interested in spreading the word, just move on, and whatever you do, don’t be pushy.

In conclusion, the value of support goes far beyond a monetary contribution. Don’t just ask your supporters for money, ask them for . . . well, support!

The crowdfunding tips will help anyone to create his or her own online page hosted by our donation website. You will be able to learn and apply in practice the ability to crowd fund with success.

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