The Book On Fundraising Chapter 5 The Importance of Link Placement

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The Book on Fundraising was created by the team at Today we announce The Book on Fundraising available 100% for free, in blog form. As the months progress we will work quickly to make these pages available on our blog - Below is Chapter 5 – The Importance of Link Placement – This is a key element to know as you start any type of fundraising!

The Importance of Link Placement

Hyperlinks are any area of text that can be clicked and that then direct a visitor to another page. Peppered across every website, they’re the highways of the online world as they transport visitors nearly instantaneously from point A to point B to point C. When placed strategically, links can optimize your fundraising by potentially shuttling everyone in your online network to a website where they can contribute. Best of all, strategic link placement enables your supporters to bypass the time-consuming search engine.

Fundraising Links

Links are the key to better fundraising!

Linking When Blogging

First, we will talk about links within blog posts. If you have used to create your fundraising page, make sure to include a link to your page as well as a link to It is extremely helpful to include with the links not only an explanation of your cause but also information about how works. Linking to and your fundraising URL gives your website little boosts of credibility with the Google search engine and others. The more credibility, the more exposure your fundraising efforts will receive from these search engines.

Another way to direct higher traffic to your blog and your page is to make sure your links are on other sites. Network with blogs that write about topics similar to your cause, as well as to general fundraising blogs. Introduce them to your project, start a conversation, and, when appropriate, request that they include your link on their blog. If you’re lucky, your blog URL will show up in their blog roll and some of their supporters may become yours.

Facebook & Twitter Strategies

Twitter and Facebook are great places to include links to your blog and page. Especially if you place them in a prominent place, such as your personal profile, new people will be able to access those links every time you tweet or update your status. Furthermore, by writing about your fundraising effort as part of your own “mini bio,” visitors will immediately get the idea that you are passionately involved in your cause, and will be more likely to contribute.

On Twitter, access and update your profile at

On Facebook, from your own page which has your name at the top, take a look near the end of your personal information where it says “Edit Profile.” You will see the following options, all of which you can update to include information about your fundraising effort along with links to your fundraising page. This way, every time old and new friends check your profile, they can quickly learn about your cause and access a URL where they can contribute.

Basic Information: Here there is a section called “About Me.” This is a perfect place to talk about your cause, why you care about it, and how everyone can help. This is probably the most prominently displayed section in your Facebook profile, so take advantage of it!

Activities and Interests: This section allows you to add pages and links. Make sure to “Like” your fundraising.

Contact Information: This section also allows you to display website links prominently, so copy and paste your fundraising URL here as well.

Sharing Links on Google

Google Plus is similar to Facebook in that those in your network can check your personal information, so don’t forget to include your fundraising URL in your Google Plus profile. Google also offers a way for a user to customize what is displayed when someone searches your name. It’s called Google Profiles and is located at What better way to bring essential information about your cause to the top of people’s searches than to put it in your Google Profile? Take advantage of its photo upload and description features by uploading a photo of you participating in your cause and adding your URL.

Links in Email, Chats, and YouTube

One of the most effective ways to consistently remind your contacts about your ongoing fundraising efforts is to include a related tag line and URL in your email signature. Edit your email signature so it becomes automated rather than typing it again every time you compose a message. Take a look at the example below and give it a try!


Sarah Smith
Phone: 555-5555
** Running Marathons This Year To Help Fight Breast Cancer **

Chat statuses are similar to Facebook and Google Plus statuses. Update your Gmail Chat, Meebo, AIM, MSN, Skype, or Adium status to reflect what you care about: your fundraising efforts! Add the URL and ask your friends to help you out by doing the same.

If you create fundraising videos — and even if you don’t — remember to update your YouTube profile to include clear information about your cause and a link for visitors to donate. This is especially effective right after you upload your latest fundraising video!

Now that you’re equipped with link placement strategies, make sure to keep the following important tips in mind. They apply to all of the mentioned networking sites:

1. If you are using to raise money, each page has its own personalized short URL ( that you should feel free to use on each web page. This makes the link short and sweet.

2. Before publishing each blog post, tweet, status update, and blog video, make sure to perform a “link check” along with your customary spell check: click on each link to ensure both that you have the correct URL and that the linked URL is online and working. If one of your links is broken anywhere — whether in your blog or Twitter account or your email signature — this will discourage most people from clicking on it ever again, even if it’s fixed later.

3. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, reach out to your family, friends, and supporters to help spread the word about your efforts! Ask them also to include links to your page, blog, and related pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and more, so that their networks can find out about your cause as well. Tapping your friends’ networks can exponentially increase your support, so never be afraid to reach out!

Well-placed links can help expand your supporter base to the far reaches of the Internet. Log onto your Facebook and Google accounts today (as well as Twitter, YouTube, and others you might have) and update them with your fundraising URL!

The correct link placement will guarantee a crowdfunding campaing of success. Learn many more tips on how to crowd fund with our donation website.

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