The Top Three Rules for Using Multimedia on Your Fundraising Page

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Having an online crowdfunding campaign is one of the easiest ways to connect with a worldwide audience, but you need to utilize the proper tools to reach your goal. For example, the website that you select to help you collect contributions for your cause or charity will make a huge difference. DonationTo has a proven history of assisting thousands of fundraisers worldwide, and we make it easier to share things with your entire social network via our one click email feature and Facebook integration tool.

Maximizing each donation is a critical aspect of raising enough money, and DonationTo is pleased to provide a low fee website to help make this happen. In fact, we enable all of our users to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees, and we also make it possible to keep 100 percent of the money that is raised. Additionally, we have several blog posts available to help you learn specific information, and each of them has at least one worthwhile lesson or tip. Today’s lesson revolves around the idea of properly utilizing multimedia on your DonationTo page to help you connect with your supporters.

The Top Three Rules for Using Multimedia on Your Fundraising Page

1. Do Not Clutter Up Your Page – It is tempting to have multiple GIFs or videos that contain movement or sound in an attempt to grab attention. However, your DonationTo page is not the same as your social media profiles, and you should not attempt to use it in the exact same way. For example, members of your social network who visit your Facebook timeline will choose to watch the videos you have posted to your timeline that interest them the most. Unfortunately, using the same approach on your DonationTo page could actually be very detrimental because you want each supporter to get the full impact of your message. Therefore, you can avoid overwhelming and annoying your audience by ensuring that you do not have multiple videos and several dancing images that start playing all at once.

2. Choose Carefully – It is easy to compile multiple images and videos that are relevant to your cause, but you need to be very careful about which ones you choose to post to your online campaign. Consider for instance how you would respond to a fundraising page from a member of your social media contacts that was filled with so many videos that you do not know which ones were actually worth viewing. The odds are high that you would end up leaving the page altogether, and this would defeat the purpose of sending traffic to the fundraiser. Although we provide you with the opportunity to upload an unlimited quantity of images, we still firmly suggest picking the absolute best content instead of overloading your page so that your message can have the maximum impact.

3. Quality Over Quantity – It should be fairly obvious that the quality of your multimedia will have a direct impact on the willingness of others to make a contribution to your charity campaign. After all, your page is a direct reflection of your cause, so this is a vital tip to take advantage of. Consider for example the reaction that you would have if you were asked to support a fundraiser that had several poor quality images and videos on their page. The immediate reaction of most people would be to question the validity and sincerity of the campaign, and this is something that you cannot afford because it will make it much harder to hit your goal. Fortunately, you can easily use a smartphone to obtain high-quality videos and images that are relevant to your cause, and you can upload the absolute best results.


Crowdfunding is a process that requires a lot of attention to detail, and you also need to utilize proven techniques for gathering support. For example, everyone should reach out to their extended social network to let them know about their campaign. However, you need to avoid the temptation to overload your DonationTo page with a high number of relevant GIFs and videos because this can end up overwhelming your audience. When you consider the fact that your ultimate goal is to receive a donation from each visitor, you can easily understand why you need to take steps to make your page user-friendly and easily accessible. Fortunately, you can achieve these goals by selecting high quality, relevant content and posting only the absolute best results. After all, this is definitely a situation where less can be more.

DonationTo will help you meet your financial goal by enabling you to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees, and you will also have the ability to keep every penny that is donated. As an added bonus, we will give you access to useful tips and tools that will help you launch and maintain your campaign.

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