Three Tips to Give Your Fundraising Page Life

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The DonationTo website provides fundraising hosts around the world with the opportunity to ask their supporters to make a donation online. We offer the option to collect contributions via PayPal and WePay, and we also make each donation available in real time so that you can immediately begin receiving assistance for your charity or other worthy cause.

We fully understand the importance of being able to maximize all of the support that you receive, and this led us to create a low fee website. In fact, we enable each of our users to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees, and we also make it easy to keep 100 percent of the money that is raised online. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of tools and tips to help you launch your crowdfunding campaign. For example, our blog posts are filled with lessons and valuable information regarding the usage of social media sites. However, today’s entry will focus on helping you create a legitimate looking fundraising page.

Three Tips to Give Your Fundraising Page Life

1. Personalize Your Page – One of the most vital lessons that you need to learn is the importance of personalizing your DonationTo page to help people get a real feel for your campaign. For example, if you are raising money for medical bills, you should avoid using a stock photo of the hospital. Instead, posting a photograph of yourself inside of the hospital will have a much bigger impact on your audience. Additionally, you should strongly consider posting a video along with your written text to help ensure that every visitor to your page will have the opportunity to easily learn about your cause. This will help personalize your campaign, and it will also work well with the visual nature of the Internet.

2. Be Yourself – Everyone is used to commercial advertisements, but taking a more robot-like marketing approach can be very detrimental for a crowdfunding campaign. Instead, you should avoid any flowery or overly enthusiastic language that you would not normally utilize and speak from the heart instead. Consider for example how odd it would be if one of your closest friends launched a fundraiser that was filled with wording choices that were not in their typical vernacular. The odds are high that it would be somewhat off-putting, and it might even make you question whether or not they were legitimately involved. Therefore, being yourself instead of trying to assume a specific role will help your friends and loved ones connect more quickly with your charity campaign.

3. Seek Active Participation – Many potential supporters will feel uneasy about the idea of being the first individual to make a contribution. Therefore, you need to get your friends and family involved early on to help avoid suspicion. For example, having your best friend or a family member contribute even a small amount such as $5-$10 will help give the impression that you actually have an active and real campaign with real supporters. This will make a major difference in the long run, so try to get someone to make at least one initial contribution before you begin spreading the word about your page via social media. Additionally, you may wish to have a close friend wait to donate until there is a lull in contributions. Doing this will help you showcase that you still have an active fundraiser, and it will also encourage others to continue donating.


One of the concerns that every potential supporter of a fundraising cause has is whether or not they have chosen a campaign that is actually valid. No one wants to feel like they have wasted their money, so this can cause hesitation that can lead to your efforts being unsuccessful. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to help prove that your page is not a scam, and this will increase supporter confidence and bring in a higher quantity of donations. For example, you should personalize your page and always speak in your own voice instead of attempting to sound like a commercial. Additionally, it is extremely beneficial to get at least one person you know to make a donation before you begin asking others to get involved.

DonationTo will help you get the most out of every penny that you receive due to our low fee structure. In fact, you will have the opportunity to keep 100 percent of the money that you raise, and we will also enable you to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees. As an added bonus, we will provide you with access to a wide variety of tips and crowdfunding tools such as our one click email feature.

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