Online Fundraising to Make Your Artistic Vision a Reality in 5 Easy Steps

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Creating art, whether it is a painting, a photograph, a dance, music or a new film, typically comes with a lot of expenses. Unfortunately, the economy is making it more difficult than ever before for an artist to make a decent living, and it has become extremely hard to personally gather money for new projects. Long gone are the days when standard artist fundraising ideas, such as cold calls and grant proposals, were a viable source of funding.The positive thing, however, is that artists now have the ability to get their friends and fans to support their work via an online fundraising campaign. helps artists raise money online by providing them with an online fundraising platform that is user friendly and easy to share with others.  It is now imperative for an artist to branch out, and allowing people to donate online will have an extremely positive impact on the total amount of funding that an artist is able to collect. Below are 5 important tips to running a successful campaign and make your artistic vision become a reality! is a great opportunity to create an easy fundraising platform for artists of all types


Fundraising to Make Your Artistic Vision a Reality  


Be specific about your cause to increase donations to your cause

1)Be specific about your goal. Go into a detail about an example of a specific goal (ie. this $5000 are used to hire a lighting designer and theater for 2 evenings etc.)

It is important to provide a specific goal to your donors. In other words, if you’re asking for $5000, you should let your donors know what you’re going to do with that money. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to fundraise effectively, consider offering rewards for donors that are based around the work that you’re trying to accomplish. For example, if you’re a musician who is looking for funding to record a new album, consider giving donors exclusive access to one track before the album is released. Keep in mind that you can also use to raise money online for other necessary aspects of the art world, such as refurbishing a wing in an art museum.


By creating a video visitors will better understand your cause and increase donations

2) Create an eye-catching video- could you add the examples I mentioned about what to include in the video, rehearsal/performance footage, a message from director. then keep in your suggestion about being creative and going viral. I love that

Make sure that you create an eye catching video that provides examples of your work and calls attention to your current goal. Videos have the potential to become viral, and that makes them one of the best fundraising ideas since the advent of online fundraising websites. Fully utilize the length of the video, but avoid making it extremely long or most people will not receive your full message.


Put your video on your fundraising page to further increase online donations

3) Connect your video and fundraising page to your social network including art specific site. If you’re new to fundraising, will provide you with a lot of useful tips to help you learn how to fundraise. One of the most useful aspects of’s toolbox is the incorporation of tools that enable you to quickly and easily share your fundraiser on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Share your cause with the community to help online donations

4) Encourage many people in the business of promoting art, not just artists, to benefit from online fundraising. Both artists and others in the art industry, such as art administrators and organizations, are able to utilize the Internet to connect with several viable donation sources. Several groups of people, such as art loving teenagers, other artists and large scale individual donors, are much easier to contact via an online platform. Once you let your potential donors know that they can donate online, you should experience an increase over the typical amount of donations that you have collected in the past.


Alter your fundraising page any time and still keep 100% of donations collected

5) Continue to keep an eye on your fundraising and change your goal if necessary, go on to talk about donationto allowing you to keep all of your money One of the best aspects of fundraising via is that you’ll be able to keep everything that you raise, even if you don’t hit your goal. You will also have the ability to change your goal as needed throughout the fundraising process. provides an easy platform for artists of all types to create their own fundraising campaign. Stop waiting for grant proposals to be reviewed, and start collecting the necessary funding today to bring your creative vision to light. By utilizing’s social networking tools you’ll be able to reach out to a wide audience, and this will help you connect with potential donors and new fans. You can also take advantage of’s unique fundraising method that enables you to keep 100 percent of all of the donations that you receive, regardless of whether or not you hit your fundraising goal.

Anyone can share his artistic vision, but not many know how to give life to their visions. The artistic crowdfunding can be easily handled by registering on our donation website. Learn to crowd fund for your artistic cause.

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