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Using an online donation website such as DonationTo is one of the best ways to raise a lot of money quickly for a worthy cause. However, it is important to note that there are several common crowdfunding mistakes that could prevent you from reaching your goal. Due to this, we have put together a list of 32 donation website mistakes that could hinder your progress so that you can avoid each of these issues.

32 Common Mistakes for Raising Money Online

1. Lack of Storytelling - For example, if you are running in a marathon, you need to disclose where the marathon will be held. Additionally, medical fundraisers should always provide details about the type of illness and specific expenses that need to be taken care of.

2. Failing to Check Your Email or Use an Email Address You Check Often – It is vital to stay on top of your emails throughout the entire fundraiser. Therefore, one of the major fundraising mistakes is linking the wrong email address to the campaign.

3. Forgetting to Upload Quality Images – For example, if you are raising money for someone’s medical bills, you can avoid one of the major donation mistakes by posting photos throughout the entire process.

4. You Did Not Assemble a Fundraising Team – Although the process of fundraising is not actually hard, it is very time-consuming. Therefore, you need to gather a small team of helpers in order to ensure that everything gets taken care of properly.

5. You Failed to Give Each Team Member Specific Tasks – For example, if you sister is good at writing, she should handle the creation of your campaign’s story.

6. You Erroneously Believed That Donations Would Happen Naturally – The only way to make your campaign a success is to continuously reach out to people via email and social media.

7. You Did Not Make Time for a Video – Photographs are a fantastic way to capture attention, but a video will make an even bigger impact on your audience. Studies indicate that taking the time to create and post even a simple video will dramatically increase user engagement and donations.

8. You Did Not Organize a Big Announcement Push – The viral nature of the Internet makes it necessary to get as many people involved in your announcement as possible. Therefore, instead of sending out one round of emails and putting a single post on social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you need to get your entire team involved.

9. You Forgot to Test Your Fundraising Page’s URL –  Although it is rare, it is possible for your URL to stop working properly between the time you sign up for it and when you are finally ready to announce it.

10. You Announced the Fundraising Page Without Any Donations –  Many people feel uncomfortable about the idea of being the first person to make a contribution, so you should never announce your campaign until your page already shows activity from a few donors.

11. You Did Not Enable Both Payment Options – DonationTo gives you the opportunity to collect donations via PayPal and WePay. Although you could choose to work with only one of these payment processors, you would also end up with a smaller amount of contributions.

12. You Failed to Share Your Fundraising URL – Doing anything successfully on the Internet requires a lot of promotion. This does not mean that you need to spend money on advertising, but it does mean that you need to get your URL in front of as many people as possible.

13. You Did Not Send out Regular Email Updates – If you want to gain momentum and keep people engaged throughout your campaign, you will need to send out a weekly email update to each of your supporters.

14. You Failed to Post Updates on Social Media – Posting about the initial launch of your crowdfunding page via each of your social media accounts is critical, and it can give you a good head start toward reaching your goal.

15. You Forgot to Schedule a Time for Everyone to Get Involved – Sharing the URL to your fundraiser on each of your social media pages is a good start, but this is not good enough to capture a lot of attention. Instead, you need to get all of your close family members and friends to donate their status at a specific date and time.

16. You Were Not Reactive Enough to Comments – Posting on social media can help you raise awareness, but it also requires you to spend the necessary amount of time responding to each person’s comments and likes.

17. You Did Not Tell Your Co-Workers About Your Campaign – Some people are embarrassed about the idea of sharing their crowdfunding page with their co-workers, but this is actually a great way to increase donations.

18. You Failed to Connect with Bloggers and Local Media – The single biggest way to increase donations is by getting as much exposure as possible. This means that you should take the time to seek out local bloggers and members of the media who might be interested in sharing your cause.

19. You Did Not Provide Donors with an Itemized List – No one likes the idea of contributing blindly. Instead, your supporters want to have a good idea of exactly how you will be using their donation. Providing an itemized list that highlights how you decided on your goal amount and what you will be spending the money on is the perfect way to reduce donation anxiety.

20. You Failed to Create a Fundraising Goal – Some people choose to leave their fundraising goal blank because they are afraid that specifying an exact amount will make them less likely to receive support from others. However, the reality is that potential donors want and need to see what your realistic goal actually is. For example, if you only need to raise $1,000, you are much more likely to get your friends and family members to chip in a large percentage of this amount by being upfront.

21. You Forgot to Explain How You Reached Your Goal Amount – You cannot assume that each of your supporters understand how you reached your goal amount unless you tell them. Always remember that everyone has had different financial experiences, and this will impact how they view your goal amount.

22. You Made it Difficult for People to Contact You with Questions – Whenever you are asking people to assist you by donating money online, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you with any questions.

23. You Failed to Introduce the Person Who Created the Page – For example, if you are launching a fundraiser in order to collect contributions for a friend who has cancer, you need to introduce their story and let people know who you are.

24. You Forget to Update Your Page with Information about Your Participants – You have the ability to update your DonationTo fundraising page as often as you wish. It is a good idea to give a virtual shout out to your contributors by mentioning top donors and people who got involved early on.

25. You Did Not Reiterate the Donation Page Service That You Are Using – A donation website mistake that people often make is forgetting to mention the company name of the site that is hosting their fundraiser. Listing this information will help build user trust, and it will also give them the opportunity to reach out to the appropriate resources if they happen to need technical support.

26. You Failed to Create Tier Level Rewards/Perks – For example, if a $25 donation comes with a better reward than the $20 mark, most people will end up contributing an additional $5 dollars.

27. You Forgot to Review Your Fundraising Page – Read through your story one more time to correct any typos, and look at all of your images and videos to ensure that they are clear and loading correctly. Always remember that issues such as an improperly configured URL will prevent people from donating.

28. You Failed to Set up a Facebook Event Page – Facebook gives every user the opportunity to create event pages so they can capture a lot of attention for a specific event or cause. Make sure to create one of these events, and invite each of your friends to join in.

29. You Forgot to Reach out to the Extended Network of Your Family and Friends – Everyone knows at least one family member or friend who spends an extensive amount of time on social media. These individuals usually have a large network, and this can be extremely beneficial when it is time to raise awareness of a fundraiser.

30. You Did Not Share Your Donation Page with the Local School or College – Whether there is a large university or simply a high school in your local area, you should reach out to the appropriate faculty member to get permission to raise awareness on campus.

31. You Did Not Create a Stretch Goal – For example, the stretch goal for a wedding fundraiser could include helping the couple go on a honeymoon.

32. You Failed to Send out Thank You Emails to Your Donors – It is vital that you let people know that their donations are appreciated by sending out thank you emails on a regular basis. This is also the perfect way to keep your momentum moving forward.

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