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Comments of Fighting with Jake
  • Anonymous Donated $20
    6 years

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  • Anonymous Donated $103
    6 years

    I am keeping the Newren family in my prayers, especially Jake's wife and children. I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless!

  • Anonymous Donated $36
    6 years

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  • Anonymous Donated $51
    6 years

    John and Newren Family, my deepest condolences. May peace and light guide you through this difficult time.

  • Your KPMG family and friends Donated $100
    6 years

    John & Newren Family, We are so sorry for your loss and send our support and prayers your way.

  • Cory Sistrunk Donated $100
    6 years

    We love you guys& will continue to Keep you in our hearts, and prayers.

  • Wayne Tomlinson Donated $25
    6 years

    I am so inspired by this family and how they have fought and handled this situation

  • Anonymous Donated $77
    6 years

    No Comment

  • Ken & Jody Ames Donated $100
    6 years

    Love you Jacoy!

  • coy newren Donated $51
    6 years

    love you, from Grandma


Fighting with Jake

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On September 28, 2012 Jake was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And then to pour salt on an open wound, on September 29, 2012 he was informed that he was Philadelphia Chromosome Positive, which mean that no matter how well his body respond to chemotherapy, he will need a bone marrow transplant.
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    A great hunting friend and lots of hunting memorie...

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