Media entertainment llc is social media advertising company. Our goal is to promote other businesses, arts and talents via radio talk show hosts, and tv. Our company is different because we actuaclly

Looking back at summer when I was a child, having the opportunity to have a great time. Gives me the drive and passion to help kids in need to participate in arts and crafts as well as eating a healt

My name is Timothy Willis. I am a rising senior at Matoaca High School and a member of Boy scout Troop 819 located in Chester, Virginia. I am pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout. The final requirement is

Hello There, Thank you for taking your precious time to read through my post. Briefly, I will try and touch on the most important details as to why I need a donation made. I am rasing school fees

My wife had copd and she passed away unexpectedly on Friday June 23 2017 we did not have any insurance for her funeral

My name is Munda, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. My family is renovation house right now, and they need some help for donation because they don't have enough fund to renovation. The progress until 70%,

We need help with my grandfather burial. His insurance wasn't 2 yr. So his funeral cost wasn't coverd. We ask that you find it in your heart to help me and my family put my grandfather to rest. We app

I have been blessed after being sick I walled away with only my hearing gone It's a lot to deal with but I need an upgrade and I don't have the money to get so yout help woild mean somuch thanks and

Trying To Throw A Party For My Daugther Sweet 16s Party

Trying To Start A BasketBall Team In The Our Neighborhood But We Don't Have The Gear To Afford

I am Zakira Hussaini a student at Marefat High School at Marefat High School. I got a full scholarship for a summer program at Wyoming Seminary High School in Pennsylvania. I want your help with my tr

SELF INTRODUCTION Hello, I am Tram, currently a student of Penn State World Campus. I was born and raised in a low-income family in Viet Nam. When looking back, I am always grateful that such di

Hello community my name is Innocent i need your help im living with cancer in stage 2 i need perfect treatment and medication from a perfect private hospital. Its been a while please help.

Everybody that is lucky enough to know Madison would say that she is the first person to volunteer anytime anybody needs help. And right now Maddies dog Delilah needs surgery and the cost is over $100

Love and prayers for little D.
Love you Maddie and hope all goes well with Dee. You are such a good mamma to her and I know hard you work between school and work!

Need help!! lost my job taking care of my wife that's got stage 3 breast cancer and need help paying bills and maintaining everyday life anything will help

My name is Sherry Thornton, my fiancee was In Ghana trying to finish a job that was to only take a month. After 2 weeks of being there, the vehicle he was traveling in was crashed into and his laptop,

I am a 28 year old veteran who has 4 kids in home. I was recently working for a gentleman who decided not to pay me and it has left me broke with my children and no way to pay bills. I've litterly alr

We beg for your help. A war has erupted between the Philippine Government and a local terrorist group in Marawi City, Southern Philippines on May 23, 2017. On that day, starts the chaos, confusion,

I am a single mother of the two kids of mine one is 6,one is also 18 months and I am about to loose my house so if anybody can help please do so.

Any money I make from my fundraing effort will go to help my daughter and her two children. This will also help mend a family tie to my Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Phillip in England. Grandparents. It

A small amount.

Hello friends I am here trying to raise money for school I come from a really poor family I asked family To help me fund the money and I was only able to get $10 dollars it's really sad that I wasn't

Greetings Friends:) We are Luis And Tamara To tell you a little about us, we had met on an online therapy site called 7 cups of tea. I was in a very bad shape and I met a wonderful young lady who len

The fundraising am doing is for the purpose of my L.LM degree my aim is to help the people in my country as a lot of them do not know their rights especially the women and children in the matters of

Hello, I am a single mother who recent lost my job. I don't have any family or friends who I can go to. I already sold all my belogings which were worth something. I have a 2 year old boy who I am rai

I have perviously posted an add about needing money for legal fees and a car. And while I still need those things my situation has taken another turn. And not for the better. A few days ago my husband

Hello, Well im just going to keep this short so i dont bore you to death and so i dont have haters yell at me. Ive been taking everyones emotional burdons on me after the death of my grandma and I ca

When I was younger I experienced not having the support that I needed and some days I didn't even eat. Feeling that actually drew out something great from with in, I told myself that when I could affo

I am a budding software developer and coder i spend most of my time on my laptop for coding and finding workarounds and developing apps but it takes so much time as my laptop is pretty old and it isnt

Hello my name is yoliz, my husband lost his job about 4 months ago and I have been struggling to support the both of us. Since he lost his job I have been trying to keep up with the bills but it has b

Hello my name is Valerie and I am starting this campaign to help save my good friend Angie's house. These past five years she has been grieving the death of her son and learning to cope with the tragi

My story My story begins with numbness. One day in 2012, three of the fingers in my left hand suddenly lost their feeling. My family—me, my wife, Amber, and our four sons—were living in Arizona

We have been helping landscape companies and other to recycle organic waste in to compost. This is how we then feed it to red wiggler worms to produce plant food. We raise mushrooms, red wigglers, h

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