I am a 33 year old mother to three beautiful girls. I discovered a lump in my right breast in late October and was diagnosed as having Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Your donation will help me to fight and su

"The most difficult thing a man can go through is to challenge his limits and make them feel better." I have dialysis done in several places, but I have not found a center at reasonable cost

I live in a transitional living program where they help women with children learn self sufficient skills. They women here are on government funds trying to manage and get their lives together. We are

Hello im 27 single parent. Living in tge shealter with mu 3 kids try to make ends meet. If i come upnwith some money i would be able to give them a good Christmas and buy food so we can eat please hel

Hi all, I'm trying to raise funds for my JD. I have been trying everything and this is one of my last options

My mom Wanda didn't have the prefect life growing up as a child. However, that didn't let that hold her back, she became a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman, Friend, mother, and grandmother, she al


My name is mariam I'm 18 years old I live with my mother and brother my father passed away so we don't have some one to help us with life problems my dream is finish my study so I can help my family b

Hi, my name is Latonya Wheat. I am an evacuee from Florida to Alabama. I was living in a hotel through FEMA temperary but that has been exhausted. Me and my three kids are now sleeping in the car. I h

I grew up with basically nothing I struggle everyday just to eat I have no clothes & no support I at least want to go to college so that my kids don’t have to live like I am

I’m behind on my water bill and they’ve threatens to cut it off if I don’t off I don’t pay something soon. I only need about $100 to make it through this month. Any and all donations will be g

I am looking for a chance to get back on track with my little girl. I need to do this for the job I applied for.

My father was diagnosed with esophagil cancer which is cancer that debelops in the esophagus. It was spreadt to stage 4 cancer and was everywhere imaginable in his body. He never smoked in his entire

Using this medium to allow all families and well wisher to contribute to out Christmas family reunion party. all donations will be highly appreciated

You are blessed

Foundation Education and Welfare (FUNDEBIENPAIS): Non-profit organization which was created to help the most needy. Psychological counseling services, medicines, medical and dental services, as well a

Hello my name is Pamela Hobson , I am raising money to help kickstart my online Vibrational Energy Healing Business. I am a Certified Affluence Coach. And I am asking for your support to finance th

I'm 24, I have 3 kids. I really don't know what to say I don't like that I'm even asking for help like this. When I had my first kid I was in a not so good time of my life. I was kicked out of my pare

Ardenwood Historic Farm is located in Fremont, CA. Opened to the public in 1985, it consists of a farm, recreational areas, and the Patterson House, as well as a refuge for over 99 bird species. Today

Go Scouts!
All the best Srikar!
Wish you all the best your project Srikar!! Good job!!

Please help with sudden funeral expenses for Julie Brock family. She passed 11-10-2017. She nor her family had any type of life insurance for her.

FALLEN NOT FORGOTTEN FRIENDS AND FAMILY it is that time of year again! Founded in 2012 to raise funds and assist gold star families with educational expenses. In December of 2013, Fallen Not Forgotten

For Joe, Gunny, and all the rest who can't give a gift this year. Broke college student now but it's what I got.

I cant bread properlly I dont have money for treat ment I am suffering from Brain tumer and bload cancer Friends please help me

I'm from Puerto Rico living in Massachusetts now for almost a year my family and I will love to help our people in Puerto Rico especially our little ones with any medical condition please we will like

please don't judge the book by its cover my Best is yet to come

Im try come up on a few buck to help catch up on bills i been going to family death since last year and was unable to work but with me going back to work i do have a job i work 40 hours a week and los

My baby Jacob passed away Sunday and we were not expecting him to be born with complicating conditions, we were prepared for a baby to come home not a funeral. I pray that he is resting in gods hands.

My girlfriend and two dogs are in mexico trying to find a way to live and be happy. my debit card will not work and this is my last ditch to ask for help.

Im a single mother and my landlord kicked my family and I out for no reason and I want to buy a house so my toddler and baby on the way won't have to be homeless.

Career Point victim when they closed. A option to pay directly to the school to avoid paying interest or get a loan at 12% was the other choice. Obviously I chose to pay directly to the school, the

Hello, my name is Alycia Osagie. I am a sophomore at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I currently got accepted to be a contestant in the Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant. The money ra

I'm a K9 Police Handler for my City. I have been placed in charge to raise money you fund our K9 program. Our K9 program is funded solely by donations. My K9 is certified in patrol and narcotics.

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