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Comments of Jim & Susan Fund
  • Peter& Rosalind Ogley Donated $51
    6 years

    Tragic death of two Beautiful people, RIP our love go's to there families.xxxx

  • Nathan Bickford Donated $150
    6 years

    We love you Jim and Susan! The past few weeks has been such a challenge for me letting you go. Know that you are forever in our hearts. - Nathan

  • Anonymous Donated $20
    6 years

    Just met Jim a couple of times...what a nice guy and gentleman...God Bless you all in this hard time

  • Daryl Lewis Donated $100
    6 years

    No Comment

  • Joe Follenweider Donated $50
    6 years

    No Comment

  • Donnie Watson Donated $100
    6 years

    She will be missed.

  • Homer Canlas Donated $150
    6 years

    We will miss you dearly!!! We enjoyed all the laughs and the great times!!! -Homer and Donna Canlas

  • Michelle M Donated $100
    6 years

    Let's Go!!!

  • Karen and Will Rodriguez Donated $100
    6 years

    We will miss you both dearly. Our deepesst condolences to the families and dear friends of this wonderful couple taken from us too soon.

  • Gina Zeiger Donated $50
    6 years

    No Comment


Jim & Susan Fund

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    2 days ago
    $ 100

    So sorry to hear that it's catching up with you, b...

  • Chip Harrup
    10 days ago
    $ 200

  • Dale Wydman
    12 days ago
    $ 100

  • David Brookman
    13 days ago
    $ 100

    A great hunting friend and lots of hunting memorie...

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