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Their Mission Statement

There are millions of problems in the world, and not nearly enough solutions. We can't find solutions without exploration. We can't dream when weíre burdened by fear. The Amaranth Foundation provides the freedom to explore without boundaries, and the security to ask without rejection. We provide the structure to learn without chaos, and the strength to dream without giving unew relationships, new solutions to old problems. No one should have to feel bad about the desire to dream or the passion to make that dream a reality. Problem How do you know if a job is right for you? How do you find yourself if you donít know where to start, or are pressured into one narrow path? How do you develop maturity? How do you learn to compromise? How do you come up with an idea? How do you know if an idea is worthwhile? How do you stay on track without encouragement? How can schools provide better individualized learning? How can schools educate better? How can government serve us better? Solution Compare your answers to answers of thousands of other people who were able to succeed in that job Answer questions on your own time, with no one breathing down your neck Stop accepting shallow, comforting answers. Dig deeper, learn from mentors, learn from mistakes See things from another perspective, see what solutions other people have tried, solve the root problem Expand your horizons, research, see what solutions other people have tried, learn from othersí mistakes Talk to mentors, develop editing and logic skills Motivate yourself, find people who will encourage and support you Provide thousands of possibilities in an interactive environment so students explore on their own Make it more fun, give immediate gratification, give rewards and encouragement for excellence Get involved, give us your ideas, demand better politicians and deeper debates

Summary of Impact

Accepting the problem is only the first stecomplicated, and achievable. Our programs make the Amaranth Dream reality. Some programs mentioned here are not ready yet, but will be coming soon. There are only 24 hours in a day, and we have to sleep some time. What we want Everyone can find their dream job Everyone can create a plan for success More humanity in the hiring process More useful products on the market Everyone can have original ideas Everyone can disagree agreeably Increased voter participation Decreased number of riders on bills Higher quality political debates Everyone feels valued and safe to explore How we get it Take the quiz to find a job that matches your needs and skills Look through the wikis to plan a strategy and method for communicating it Find qualified applicants for job openings based on personal skills, rather than a cold resume Brainstorm and refine ideas by talking with us at events Work through the puzzles to develop the skills for creativity, edit the wiki Work through the puzzles and with the Maharishis to hone skills Input your ideas, get immediate results, and know that we will make sure the right people see it You are in charge of what goes into our politics reports We donít accept shallow answers Talk to us

AMARANTH FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization based in California, CA. Having been around since 2011, it serves the greater Ventura community for the last 24 years, particularly in area of California.
Today AMARANTH FOUNDATION is 1 of nonprofits in Ventura. AMARANTH FOUNDATION has been serving in areas particularly in Array. For more regarding AMARANTH FOUNDATION visit their site or search their EIN 27-3102831

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