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Their Mission Statement

A Promise of Health Mission A Promise of Health exists to provide the technical and financial assistance necessary to deliver sustainable, effective, everyday healthcare to underserved indigenous peoples.  Our work is currently focused throughout rural Mexico. Our innovative, tested and proven homeopathic health care model includes deploying dedicated Mexican doctors to live in the communities they serve. This holistic approach emphasizes preventive medicine and community self-help education. Building on the rich 100 year plus history of Homeopathy in Mexico, this low cost model includes dispensing reliable, safe and effective homeopathic medicines manufactured in Mexico. A Promise of Health promotes and believes that basic everyday healthcare is a fundamental human right, and advances this through partnerships with local municipal governments, community non profit organizations, health care professionals, foundations, schools, churches, individuals and businesses. A Promise of Health advocates a strong US/MX collaboration, and a good neighbor policy that believes in the creed, "Love your neighbor. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Create low cost solutions that work and empower. Actively do the work. Change the world."  With these practices and principles in place, we envision the expansive rural countryside of Mexico as a place of healthy, hopeful communities, increasingly capable of building futures and giving back.

Summary of Impact

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit A Promise of Health, APOH, first opened its doors in 2001, in the small village of Huhí, Yucatán, México. There its first doctor began his work. The doctor was a homeopathic physician. Through homeopathy, he used natural medicines that the Maya accepted. It was soon learned that homeopathic medicine was far more effective in treating the majority of illnesses and without adverse reactions. Since that time, with as many as 5 doctors working in more than 25 villages, A Promise of Health has treated more than 65,000 patients, giving them medicine, all at no cost to them. In seven years of work in Yucatán, A Promise of Health has developed a health care model using homeopathic medicine as its foundation. Also, it has incorporated into its model a program of health, hygiene and nutrition education in the schools. APOH fosters home gardens to improve a family’s nutrition. This integrated program of health care is called the Medicine Wheel Program, named after the healing Medicine Wheels of the Cheyenne and Sioux. Today, in Yucatán, México, Yucatán’s Rotary Clubs in partnership with a U.S. Rotary Club are now beginning to manage the APOH program, with hopes of expanding it to serve more rural communities where the Maya live. A Promise of Health, will continue to help them, finding Mexican doctors and medicine. A Promise of Health now turns its focus on the poor Indigenous communities in Oaxaca, where there is even greater poverty and need. By admission of the Mexican government, 75 percent of the people of Oaxaca live in extreme poverty. Its rural communities have the highest infant mortality rate in all of the Americas. More than 50 percent of Oaxaca’s children suffer from malnutrition. The majority of rural villages have no health care services! A Promise of Health has set a plan into motion for Oaxaca To help shape a Medicine Wheel program in the Oaxaca communities, APOH is working directly with an immigrant association in southern California, the Coalition of Indigenous Communities of Oaxaca, COCIO. Together, A Promise of Health and COCIO are seeking financial partners.

A Promise of Health is a nonprofit organization based in Colorado, CO. Having been around, it serves the greater Pueblo community for the last 24 years, particularly in area of Colorado. A Promise of Health is also known as APOH.
Today A Promise of Health is 1 of nonprofits in Pueblo. A Promise of Health has been serving in areas particularly in Array. For more regarding A Promise of Health visit their site or search their EIN 93-1320163

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A Promise of Health
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