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Their Mission Statement

Florida Grand Opera exists to produce opera and musical programs in South Florida for the benefit of residents, visitors, opera lovers, novices, children, singers, musicians, creative artists, and theater technicians. Its productions and programs are designed to educate and increase audiences for opera, to enrich the operatic art form through training and performance, and to culturally enhance and celebrate its diverse community, so that opera will be a central cultural force in the life of its community now and in the future.

Summary of Impact

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit Florida Grand Opera (FGO) strives to present productions and programs that represent the diverse community it serves. With input from FGO’s Board of Directors, four affiliate groups, audience members, and volunteers, FGO’s senior management team articulates the expressed needs of the community. The opera company relies heavily on its Board of Directors to articulate the expressed needs of the community. In addition, several members of FGO’s executive staff serve on planning councils wherein focus sessions and vision workshops are routinely implemented to determine changing arts trends and community needs.  Among the considerations that FGO addresses in the course of planning an opera season are issues relative to repertoire, artists, quantity and location of performances presented. The opera company routinely polls its audience and has come to understand their collective programming needs and preferences. In addition to traditional, grand operaticrepertoire, FGO’s audiences encourage the opera company to present lesser-known works by established and/or contemporary composers.   To that end, FGO not only presents new works but commissions operas as well, and its history of commissioning works includes: Richard Wargo’s “A Visit to the New Country,” Julia Smith’s “Daisy”(1978), Robert Ward’s “Minutes to Midnight”(1982), Alberto Franchetti’s “Cristoforo Colombo”(1992), Robert Ashley’s “Balseros”(1997), Ede Donáth’s “Szulamit” (2004), and David Carlson’s “Anna Karenina”(2007).

FLORIDA GRAND OPERA INC is a nonprofit organization based in florida, FL. Having been around, it serves the greater Miami community for the last 24 years, particularly in area of florida. FLORIDA GRAND OPERA INC is also known as FGO.
Today FLORIDA GRAND OPERA INC is 1 of nonprofits in Miami. FLORIDA GRAND OPERA INC has been serving in areas particularly in Array. For more regarding FLORIDA GRAND OPERA INC visit their site or search their EIN 65-0496477

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