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Their Mission Statement

We (UCP of Central Florida) are the experts for children with special needs. By providing the best support, education and therapy, we offer hope to everyone touched by a disability. Our Set of ServicesS- Support: Advocacy, Case management, Before/after school, Summer camp, Training, Family Support and Counseling for children and young adults and their families E- Education: Infant, toddler and preschool; Pre-K - fourth grade charter school; middle/high school charter school; inclusion program for children without disabilities; summer camps T- Therapy: Physical, speech and occupational therapy for children birth to age 21 during school and on an outpatient basis VisionUCP of Central Florida is a place where barriers are broken and miracles happen. We are creating a community where everyone touched by a disability can excel, without limitations. EssenceThe hearts and hands of UCP calm our fears. Embraced by hope, we are filled with the power of possibility, the joy of achievement, and the wonder of miracles.

Summary of Impact

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit UCP of Central Florida provides special needs' services vital to the Central Florida Community. WHAT OUR COMMUNITY IS FACING:-14% of the children in Central Florida have a disability or developmental delay. -Early intervention education services are limited for families who have children with special needs. When available, most services require families to visit multiple providers. -Special education classroom costs, per child, are between $20,000 and $60,000 annually versus $5,641 for a child in a regular classroom. WHY UCP IS SO IMPORTANT: It's proven that when a child with special needs receives early intervention services, especially before age five, they have a greater potential to reduce or eliminate the effects of their disability or delay. At UCP of Central Florida, we've been the experts for children with special needs for more than 56 years. Our return on investment is measured by what the children's lives look like ""before"" UCP and the quality of their lives ""after"" attending classes and therapy at our campuses. Our effectiveness is calculated by the steps taken by a little boy who wasn't expected to walk and by the number of words spoken by a three-year-old girl who couldn't speak before coming to us. About 75% of families served do not make a living wage. Annually, over 80% of our students reach their education and therapy goals. Between 55% and 65% of the boys and girls who graduate from our charter preschool enroll into regular kindergarten or first grade classrooms instead of costly special education classrooms. This results in a cost savings for the entire community. How? Because for every dollar spent on quality early intervention services for children with special needs, taxpayers save $17 in future costs. UCP's early intervention education services have a far-reaching effect on each child's ability to enter school prepared to succeed and directly shapes their progress for the rest of their lives.

United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida, Inc. a.k.a. UCP of Central Florida is a nonprofit organization based in florida, FL. Having been around, it serves the greater Orlando community for the last 24 years, particularly in area of florida. United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida, Inc. a.k.a. UCP of Central Florida is also known as UCP of Central Florida.
Today United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida, Inc. a.k.a. UCP of Central Florida is 1 of nonprofits in Orlando. United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida, Inc. a.k.a. UCP of Central Florida has been serving in areas particularly in Array. For more regarding United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida, Inc. a.k.a. UCP of Central Florida visit their site or search their EIN 59-0799925

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United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida, Inc. a.k.a. UCP of Central Florida
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