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Their Mission Statement

Central Florida Folk, Inc., is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to foster and encourage the tradition and practice of folk musical arts, instrumentations, and accompaniments, to provide for preservation of its heritage in performance, creation and collection, to continue to demonstrate its importance in cultural, historical, and musical education, and to conduct any lawful business.

Summary of Impact

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit Preservation & Presentation of Folk Music: We have been much impressed by the activities and growth of Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, and by Denver’s Swallow Hill Music Association. By their examples, we can see that we intend to make folk music and the folk arts more accessible to Central Florida in terms of participation and education as well as to provide entertainment sources which are inexpensive, family friendly, and conveniently located at many places in the community. --Concert series: Leu Gardens click on radio buttons “Leu Gardens”,Langford Park, Writers’ Round. --Participation events.  Playing circles, at which participants take turns presenting folk tunes & stories which they see as important or entertaining, including traditional material as well as products of their own efforts as singer-songwriters or storytellers.  These events are also active as impromptu teaching events.  Further interaction among listeners, other musicians and presenters of material is encouraged.  Open mic, or invitational events. These are held several times each year to provide primarily local artists with the opportunity for live performance of their work, to enhance cooperation and interaction within the songwriters’ community, and to make available to the public traditional and new music that is rarely available through commercial media. --Grant-funded activities: Grant applications will be made with United Arts, and with the Orange County Tourist Development organization. They have indicated that the activities of Central Florida Folk, Inc., are of interest. Grant funds, if granted, will help Central Florida Folk, Inc., with: --Enhanced calendar for artists & workshop instructors of national stature --Local festival, co-production and participation --Campaigns for membership, and proper advertising of events and use of public media

Central Florida Folk Inc is a nonprofit organization based in florida, FL. Having been around, it serves the greater Titusville community for the last 24 years, particularly in area of florida.
Today Central Florida Folk Inc is 1 of nonprofits in Titusville. Central Florida Folk Inc has been serving in areas particularly in Array. For more regarding Central Florida Folk Inc visit their site or search their EIN 59-3712069

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Central Florida Folk Inc
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