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Their Mission Statement

Live entertainment provides a positive source of inspiration for children in a world where there are many negative alternatives. Most Valuable Kids of Greater New York, Inc. (MVK) brings this inspiration, at no cost, to underserved children in the New York Metropolitan Area. MVK does this by offering children's organizations access to cultural events, professional and collegiate sports and entertainment events through an online ticket donation and reward system. MVK overcomes the financial obstacles associated with attending live events by distributing unused tickets to children who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend. These tickets are distributed to boys and girls, 18 and under, through organizations that focus on children in low-income and underserved households.

Summary of Impact

A win-win-win for everyoneFor the children ...MVK's mission is to reward children through the not for profit organizations that serve them, by offering them the opportunity to attend cultural events, professional and collegiate sports and entertainment events. MVK's goal is to foster the development of self-esteem and promote a deeper understanding of the benefits of exemplary behavior, hard work and perseverance during adolescent and teenage years. For the ticket donor ...MVK provides an outlet for ticket holders of sporting, cultural and entertainment events to distribute their tickets that might otherwise go unused to children in need. MVK offers ticket donors an easy opportunity to give back to the community while potentially receiving a tax deduction for their donation and adding a smile to a child's face.For the teams and venues ...MVK helps to fill the notoriously large amount of seats that go unused year after year, as well as expand interest in local teams and events around the area. By donating unused tickets, otherwise empty seats are filled with energetic new fans, concession sales are increased, and local games and performances are enjoyed by youth who become fans for life.

Most Valuable Kids of Greater NY is a nonprofit organization based in New York, NY. Having been around since 2006, it serves the greater New York community for the last 24 years, particularly in area of New York. Most Valuable Kids of Greater NY is also known as MVK.
Today Most Valuable Kids of Greater NY is 1 of nonprofits in New York. Most Valuable Kids of Greater NY has been serving in areas particularly in Array. For more regarding Most Valuable Kids of Greater NY visit their site or search their EIN 14-1975841

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Most Valuable Kids of Greater NY
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