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Comments of Search for Sean Sidi
  • Anonymous Donated $100
    2 years

    Keeping the faith that Sean will be reunited with his family soon!

  • Anonymous Donated $100
    4 years

    No Comment

  • Anonymous Donated $25
    4 years

    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with Sean and his family. May you be reunited soon!

  • Norma and Chinu Roy Donated $103
    4 years

    Sending prayers for Sean's safe return.

  • Elliot Whyte Donated $20
    4 years

    I'm sorry to see Sean missing, only knew him online but he was a great friend and would love to see you him returned to his family. I'm sorry again

  • Caroline Wolf Donated $41
    4 years

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Carrie and Tom

  • Kaye Reeves Donated $41
    4 years

    My thoughts are with you and Sean every day.

  • Kevin & Abigail Kam Donated $51
    4 years

    No Comment

  • Karen DeVaney Donated $41
    5 years

    I keep Sean close in mind. Count me as another who continues to be on the lookout. With ongoing hope and support - Karen

  • Anonymous Donated $154
    5 years

    Our hearts are with you in your search for your son.


Claude Sidi

Contact me
I'm Sean's dad, Claude Sidi. I am desperately looking for my son. I spoke to him last on May 21st at 1:30 p.m. Sean has since vanished without a trace. PLEASE HELP FIND SEAN!
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