DonationTo gives users the opportunity to launch a fundraising page without paying any monthly fees. We charge a fee of 4 percent for each donation that is collected, and our service works with WePay to provide contributions in real time to our users. Additionally, PayPal and WePay each charge a fee of 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per each contribution that they process. These fees are applicable to U.S. users. International users should consult with the applicable terms and conditions to determine if their fee structure will be different: PayPal's Terms and Conditions & WePay's Terms and Conditions.

Every applicable fee will be automatically deducted from each individual transaction, and this means that you will never receive a bill for using our services. Please note that DonationTo has no affiliation with WePay, and their commission and fee structures are therefore subject to change at any time without any prior notification from us.

Every DonationTo user who makes the decision to publish an online donation page needs to be aware that their page will be available publicly on the Internet for everyone to see. Search engines such as Yahoo and Google will have the right to index your online donation page, and anyone can share your page. All activity on your page will be public, and we do not have the option to provide you with a hidden or private DonationTo page.

Every DonationTo donor has the option to make a public or anonymous contribution. If you do not choose the anonymous option, your name, donation amount and any attached comments will be viewable by visitors and search engines. You can prevent this from happening by simply selecting the anonymous check box while going through the process of making a donation.

Each user is personally responsible for fully complying with any applicable laws that will be related to their actions and usage of the DonationTo service. Therefore, whether you intend to break the law or not, you can be held personally liable for any legal violations. Additionally, you are required to completely adhere to all of the Terms and Conditions of our website.

There are certain types of campaigns that are not permitted to publish a donation page via DonationTo. Any violation of these guidelines can result in the immediate deletion of your fundraising page and account. DonationTo cannot be held liable for any lost donations as a result of deleting a page that does not comply with our Terms and Conditions. The following campaign types are not permitted and are subject to deletion at any time:

  • • Sexually suggestive or explicit material.
  • • Photography of any type.
  • • Any type of adult products or services.
  • • Any material that relates to the adult industry.
  • • Drug products, paraphernalia or abuse.
  • • The sale or purchase of legal or illegal marijuana.
  • • Underage usage of narcotics, tobacco or alcohol.
  • • Campaigns that include accusatory or inflammatory language.
  • • Any type of content that is affiliated with a terrorist organization or hate group.
  • • Fundraisers that defend formal charges of serious crimes such as violence, sexual acts or hateful activity.
  • • Ponzi or pyramid schemes.
  • • Any so-called get rich quick schemes.
  • • Currency exchanges or offshore banking.
  • • Any offers for a return on investment or equity.
  • • Any type of sweepstakes, gambling, raffle or betting.
  • • The sale or purchase of equity, investments, lottery contracts or annuities.
  • • The exchange of monetary rewards such as gift cards or cash for each donation.
  • • Exchanging crypto currencies or any currently unrecognized currency.
  • • Funding the abortion of a human or animal.
  • • Graphic content that showcases procedures or injuries.
  • • Any type of procedure that will not be conducted by an accredited medical institution.
  • • The purchase or usage of any medication that has not been prescribed to the user.
  • • Any violent or non-medical mutilation of the body.
  • • Usage of any hateful, hurtful or violent language or materials.
  • • Any content that includes sexism, profanity, racism or bigotry.
  • • The production, transfer or purchase of any consumable or ingestible services and products that have not approved by the FDA.
  • • Any graphic, gory or bloody material.
  • • Making any deliberately dishonest, misleading or false statements.
  • • Any campaigns related to absurd claims, unexplained sciences or sorcery.
  • • Inciting or supporting any type of treasonous behavior.
  • • Planning or raising money for an assisted suicide, assassination or suicide.
  • • Raising funding to end the life of any animal.
  • • Fundraisers that support organized violence, malicious gangs or rebel groups.
  • • The exchange, transfer or purchase of any type of weapons, including ammunition, knives, explosives and guns.

Please note that the above guidelines cannot possibly contain every unique situation that DonationTo might encounter in the future. Therefore, we reserve the right to review each campaign and make decisions on a case-by-case basis. In other words, a campaign can be deemed inappropriate and removed from our website even if it is not listed in the list above.

We understand that inappropriate and unwanted comments could be posted to your campaign at any time by donors and other users. If this happens, campaign organizers will never be held responsible or penalized for the actions of people who are not directly connected to their fundraiser.

If you believe that you have encountered a fundraising page hosted by DonationTo that does not adhere to all of these policies, please contact us at

Attention Regulatory Agencies
DonationTo does not participate in any solicitation activities. Instead, all of these activities are the results of actions by our users who are acting on their own accord. If any regulatory agency is concerned that a user is violating a law, we request that the violation be immediately reported to us so that we can work with you to address your concerns and take any necessary action.

Legal and Tax Representations
In order to utilize our service, you agree to the following:

  • (A) You must be 13 years of age or older.
  • (B) You must be a human. No automated methods or bots will be permitted.
  • (C) You must be the person you claim to be.
  • (D) You must not be an organization or person with classified as a charity or nonprofit by the IRS.
  • (E) All funding that you acquire by using a DonationTo fundraising page must be used exclusively in the manner that is outlined on your page.
  • (F) You agree to fully comply with every relevant federal, state and local law that is applicable to the solicitation of funds.

Additionally, you agree to remain in full compliance with every applicable law, regardless of whether or not it relates to solicitation and marketing of your fundraiser.

Summary of All Prohibited Activities
Users are prohibited from utilizing DonationTo's website and services for any activities that violate any regulations, statutes, ordinances or laws at a local, state or federal level. Additionally, all of the following activities are prohibited:

Activities related to the sales or distribution of (A) drug paraphernalia, (B) steroids, narcotics, controlled substances and any products that are known to be risky for consumers, (C) any items or materials that promote racial intolerance, hate, financial exploitation or violence, (D) any items or materials that facilitate, promote, instruct or encourage other individuals to participate in any type of illegal activity, (E) any item that can be considered to be obscene, (F) sexually oriented services or materials, (G) any item that violates or infringes on a trademark, copyright, right of publicity or privacy laws, (H) any item that infringes or violates any proprietary right that is enforced by the laws of any jurisdiction, (I) any knives or weapons that are regulated under any applicable laws, (J) any firearms, ammunition, accessories or firearm parts.

Activities related to transactions that (A) violate any applicable laws by showcasing third-party information, (B) incorporate any get rich quick schemes, matrix programs, ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes or multilevel marketing programs, (C) are affiliated with the purchase of any equity, investments, lottery contracts, annuities, real property or offshore banking, (D) are affiliated with any layaway systems, refinancing of debts funded by credit card or transactions to finance debt, (E) collect payments via a payment processor on behalf of another merchant, (F) include the sale of any item before the user actually has possession or control of said items, (G) have any association with the following Money Service Business activities: check testing, currency exchanges, or the sale of money orders or travelers checks, (H) offer any debt settlement or credit repair services.

Activities that involve the sale of any services or products that have been identified as having a high likelihood of being fraudulent by any government agency.

Activities that violate any industry regulations or applicable laws regarding the sale or distribution of (A) prescription devices and drugs, (B) tobacco products.

Any activity that involves gaming, gambling or a prize and entry fee. This can include but is not limited to lottery tickets, games of skill, greyhound racing, sports betting, horseracing, casino games and any type of sweepstakes unless the user obtains the express approval of DonationTo in advance and all of the applicable customers and operators are exclusively located within jurisdictions where these type of activities are legally permitted.

You may not use DonationTo as a resource for collecting payments that will be used to purchase any type of weapons or ammunition, including collectible items and replicas.

Violations of These Policies
If you believe that you have encountered a fundraising page hosted by DonationTo that does not adhere to all of these policies, please contact us at Support[at] You are also encouraged to contact us via the same email address if you have any questions regarding our policies.

Terms Within This Document
The following terms and phrases are used multiple times throughout this document and should always be interpreted as described below:
Service: The DonationTo website.
Website: The DonationTo website.
Site: The DonationTo website.
User: Any entity or individual who registers an account to utilize the DonationTo service.
Donor: Any entity or individual who donates to a fundraiser or makes a comment on a fundraising page.

Introduction to our Standard Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions can only be modified by a DonationTo authorized executive. Additionally, all of these Terms and Conditions are binding upon each party, including their permitted assigns and any successors. uses WePay as third-party payment solutions to process all payment transactions. DonationTo is not affiliated with any chartered banking entity, nor are we a chartered banking entity. Any funding that is not part of DonationTo's fee structure will be paid directly to the applicable third-party payment solution.

All users agreed that they will not hold DonationTo responsible or liable for any tax obligations or funding as a result of payments that are made to a third-party payment solution.

Users and donors agree not to involve or name in any type of legal action that occurs between them as a result of using our service. will not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss that is caused to a user or donor as a result of their failure to fully comply with all of the terms and conditions listed in this agreement.

Disclaimer of Warranties makes no warranties or representations regarding the merchantability or fitness of our service for any specific purpose. All users agree to release DonationTo from any liability that arises as the result of negligence, failure of our service or any other tort.

If any applicable law restricts or overrides this release of liability, users agree that DonationTo can only be held liable for these legally mandated restrictions at the minimum amount that the law allows. Users agree that DonationTo cannot be held responsible for any third-party offers that are made through our website, including the failure of any services or goods to meet your specific expectations. Additionally, we will not be held liable or responsible for any charitable offers from a third-party that turn out to be irresponsible, fraudulent or advertised in bad faith. DonationTo has no responsibility for any failure of the third-party payment processors that our users and donors utilize to raise money or make a donation via our website.

DonationTo cannot be held responsible or liable for the failure of any services or goods offered by a third-party for our company, including untimely delivery, any disruptions or failures of service and any unintentional, intentional, scheduled or unscheduled outages that prevent you from accessing our website on a permanent or temporary basis.

The usage of our service is contingent upon your agreement of every section of this agreement. However, nothing within these provisions can be construed to limit in any way the generality of the initial paragraph of this section.

Amendment for all jurisdictions that in any way limit our legal ability to waive our liability: If your specific jurisdiction has a provision in place for liability or waivers that conflicts with our provisions and waiver of liability, our liability will then be limited to the absolute smallest extent that is allowed by law. We do not disclaim our potential liability for the following contingencies in jurisdictions that do not legally allow us do so: (A) personal injury or death that is caused by the negligence of any of our agents, employees or officers; (B) fraudulent misrepresentation by one of our agents, employees or officers; (C) any other liability now or in the future that it is unlawful to exclude in our liability waiver.

Users who are a resident of a jurisdiction where a specific statement regarding the release of liability is required are hereby notified that this agreement meets that requirement. As an example, a condition of this agreement requires all California residents to hereby waive the section of the California Civil Code section 1542 that states, "A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor the time of executing the release, which if known by him or her must have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor." All California users hereby waive section 1542 in order to use our services. All users outside of California hereby waive any other similar codes, regulations or provisions in their local law that have the same effect or intent of the aforementioned California release. Service is an online service that provides users with the ability to collect money for a specific fundraising purpose. The money that is collected will be automatically transferred into the user's own WePay account. Anyone who becomes a user by going through our registration process or who becomes a donor by making a comment or completing the donation process hereby agrees that may, in our sole discretion, make modifications to the terms of this agreement at any time, and our only legal responsibility is to update the terms on the website to reflect any modifications. Your continued use of our product includes consent and acceptance of all of our Terms and Conditions, and this applies to any modifications that are made at any time. Failure to read and adhere to any modifications and any applicable legal consequences thereof will be the sole responsibility of the applicable user or donor.

In Order to Use, You Agree to the Following:

  • 1. You are at least 13 years of age.
  • 2. You will remain in full compliance with all the national, regional, state/provincial and local laws for your specific area of residence.
  • 3. You will immediately alert about any suspected or verified unauthorized use of your donor or user account.
  • 4. You hereby agree to allow to utilize a tracking service in order to collect anonymous aggregate data so that we can continuously improve our services.

You agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify and any agents, employees or officers against and from any and all applicable expenses and claims, including but not limited to disbursements, costs and attorney's fees that may arise from your usage of the DonationTo website as a result of your violation of any warranty or representation that is contained within our Terms and Conditions. In the event that a claim similar to the type described in this paragraph is initiated, DonationTo reserves the right to settle with any parties or party making the claim, and this will leave you personally liable for any applicable damages as if we had moved forward with a legal trial. Accounts hereby reserves the right to suspend or delete any donor or user account at our sole discretion. Users and donors are fully personally responsible for any written or visual content that they post. Therefore, you hereby agree that you will never do the following as a donor or user:

  • 1. Utilize your user a donor account for any illegal activity or purposes.
  • 2. Use any obscenities, hateful or abusive language, copyrighted material or sexual acts within the content in any area of the website, including but not limited to your fundraising page or comments section.
  • 3. Attempt to circumvent in any manner the payment methods that have been designated by for usage by users and donors.
  • 4. Provide any information that is not accurate or complete, including but not limited to misrepresenting your personal identity. reserves the right to our sole discretion to block or remove any entity, individual or content at any time for any reason. However, is not obligated to take this action. is under no obligation to provide a partial or full refund at any time for any reason for an amount that has already been paid. cannot and does not review every fundraising page, comment and any other materials that are posted on our website.

All users, donors and visitors to the website are personally responsible for protecting themselves from any content that they find to be harmful or offensive that has been posted by another donor or user. Users, donors and visitors do have the right to contact to request the removal of offensive content, but is not obligated to take this action.

All users, donors and visitors to the website are personally responsible for protecting all of their equipment such as computers and smartphones that could be harmed in any way as a result of visiting or utilizing our website.

Choice of Law
The provisions of our service and our Terms and Conditions are governed by all applicable federal and state laws and are also applicable in the state of California.

Method for Dispute
Any dispute that relates to or arises from our services, provisions or Terms and Conditions must be resolved in a competent jurisdiction court within the state of California. If any user or donor fails to comply with this method for dispute, we reserve the right to file a motion to dismiss their claim, and they must consent to it and become personally responsible for all of's reasonable disbursements, costs and attorneys' fees that result from filing this motion. Additionally, any disputes that are taken through the proper method for dispute have the following requirement: the successful party becomes immediately entitled to receive all reasonable disbursements, cost and attorneys' fees from the unsuccessful party.

Communication between and all Users and Donors
Electronic communications, also known as emails, will be sent from to users and donors. Users will receive communication on a variety of topics related to their fundraising page. All users agree to allow to utilize their email address to send them electronic communications. All users also agree that cannot be held liable or responsible for any user-generated content that happens to be sent along as part of these electronic communications.
All users agree that they are personally liable for any electronic communications that they send to current or potential donors in order to promote their fundraising page. These communications will include, but not be limited to, one click emails sent through the website and any other electronic communication that is sent to donors without using the system.

Notice of Copyright Infringement has a registered Copyright Agent via the U.S. Copyright Office in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If you believe that you hold a copyright that has been infringed, please send DonationTo a notice that contains the following information:

  • 1. Your full name.
  • 2. If it is different from your name, be sure to include the name of the party whose trademark or copyright has been infringed.
  • 3. The description and name of the work that you believe has been infringed.
  • 4. The exact URL location on the DonationTo website where you found the infringing material.
  • 5. A good faith belief statement that indicates that the specific copyrighted work's usage has not been authorized by a legally entitled third-party or the copyright owner.
  • 6. A sworn statement that all of the information in your notification is accurate and you have the exclusive right in law or are the copyright owner and therefore are legally able to bring infringement proceedings against any unlawful use of the specific work.

This notification must be signed by you and sent directly to our will take quick action to remove the complained about material and obtain a response from the person who posted it as long as the DMCA notice that we receive complies with all of the guidelines listed above. Keep in mind that sending a fraudulent DMCA notice is a criminal act that also gives the victim the legal right to sue you.

Severability of Terms
If any of the provisions of our Terms and Conditions are found to be conflicting, unlawful or unenforceable, the rest of the Terms of Conditions will still remain intact and in force. In the event that any of the provisions conflict with each other, reserves the sole right to determine which of the provisions will remain in force.

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions has the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time. When an amendment is made, it will be posted here, and there will be a date listed to indicate the last modification. You may refuse at any time to agree with our amendments, but this will require you to immediately stop using our service and website. All users and owners are required to visit the Terms and Conditions page each time they access our website in order to determine if there are any modifications that they need to adhere to.

The DonationTo Privacy Policy
Usage of the site indicates that you have read and accept all of the terms of this privacy policy. Therefore, we encourage you to read this policy frequently in order to understand how we will be utilizing any personal information that you submit via the DonationTo website. It is important to note that the privacy practices that we list within this privacy policy are only applicable to the DonationTo site. If you click on a link to any other website, you will need to review their posted privacy policy in order to understand how your information will be collected and used.

Collection of Personal Information
DonationTo collects any voluntarily submitted personally identifiable information such as your email address and name. Any of this information that you choose to provide via our website will be utilized for the sole purpose of communication and fulfilling any website related requests. For example, billing information such as your credit card number will be used to process donations and any applicable account fees.

The DonationTo website uses Google Analytics and cookies to collect important tracking information and allow the site to be customized for each visitor. The data that is collected includes the total number of visitors to our site, how each visitor utilizes our site, the type of browser that you are using and your operating system. Cookies cannot actually collect personal information, but they can be tied to your information if you have provided it during a previous visit. Tracking and aggregate cookie information might be shared between DonationTo and Google Analytics so that we can receive important site management statistics.

We do not share personal data from any of our visitors unless we are complying with a government agency or investigating a fraud case. There are only three circumstances during which we will distribute your information: (1) when we are required or permitted to do so by law; (2) when we are trying to prevent or protect against unauthorized transactions or any potential or actual fraud; and (3) when we are participating in an investigation because fraud has already taken place.

DonationTo Contact Information
Any comments, concerns or questions regarding our privacy policy should be sent in an email to

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