• - Fundraising techniques that are simple.
  • - Step-by-step fundraising guide to leverage today's tools: social media, email, blogs, crowd sourcing and more!
  • - Non-technical tactics so fundraising campaigns hit their goals!
  • - Feel good knowing your fundraising executes with latest and relevant online practices!
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DonationTo.com have partnered to create a simplistic effective fundraising guide. Those who are looking to create a fundraising site can visit DonationTo.com which offers The Book on Fundraising for free.

At DonationTo.com effective online fundraising is our number one priority. For those who are not familiar with DonationTo.com, we offer one of the best online social fundraising tools today.

As we developed our online fundraising tool we realized it was equally important to create techniques and strategy to go along with the online fundraising platform. By leveraging our timeless fundraising techniques, principles and technology we know your cause will have the very best chance in reaching the desired goal!

If $5.99 is out of your budget, DonationTo.com offers all visitors a free copy once they registers. We have also created a PDF version of The Book on Fundraising available here. here.

  • How to start & scope fundraising projects

    Most projects fail due to overwhelming plans to fundraise. Learn how to keep fundraising projects simple and make progress each step of the way.

  • Effectively explaining your cause to the public

    Learn how to effectively explain your fundraising project to a wide audience. By properly positioning your cause donors will be engaged to contribute!

  • Make it easy to be found on the web

    Search engines are great but it's common for sites to get lost in the crowd . Learn how search engines work so your cause can be easily found.

  • Non-technical tactics for online fundraising

    Online tools are perfect for spreading awareness for your cause. These tools don't require you to touch any code. Learn the best strategies when using these tools.

  • Leveraging social media to gain support

    There is more to social media fundraising than posting status updates on Facebook. Creating online events, leveraging Twitter strategies and drafting a well-structured email will create viral awareness!